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October 26, 2019

15 Ways to Identify a Toxic Friend

Do you know that toxic friends are harmful to your over all well-being? Allow this post to lead you through the ways to identify a toxic friend and how to possibly stay away from them.

Having a toxic friend is not healthy for anyone and sometimes, it could be very difficult to recognize them. Toxic friends are worse than enemies, they are more hurtful than helpful.

Without wasting time, let us go straight to discuss the ways to identify a toxic friend, they are:


Jealousy is one of the ways to  identify a toxic friend. This is when a friend is highly competitive – following every of your activities just to know what you are doing and to make sure you are beaten to it.

A person who wants to be you will end up destroying you. She is happy as far as she is ahead of you and gets upset whenever you are doing better.

This friend is never happy to see you ahead or achieving more successes than she is, just make sure you are below her if you want to remain her friend.

Be very careful with this person and never discuss things about you with her.


This friend is of the habit of always telling you things about people and seems to know much about everyone.

A toxic friend always has something bad to say about everybody but remember the saying that “someone who tells you about people is likely telling people about you too.

You will eventually drive real and good friends away from you if you continue sticking with this person because no one wants to be associated with a gossiper.

Run away from this person and safe your energy for something more productive, she will sell you to your enemies some day.


This your friend will use you without any apology yet appreciation is very far from her.

She believes it is her right that you are helping her so, you do not have a choice than to be there for her.

This person treats you as if you do not have a life of your own and will never appreciate it no matter all your sacrifices.

A toxic friend calls you whenever she needs you – yet will not regard all your efforts. Once she is sorted out, she will discard you like a piece of shit.

Do not destroy yourself in the process of helping someone. Set yourself free today and draw a boundary for yourself.


The ways to identify this toxic friend are as follow:

Always angryA fighterVery controversial Bitter hearted Inflict you and others with bitterness Fault finderTransfer of aggression Very insulting

A bitter-hearted person do not know how to love – nothing makes this person happy and she can rub you off your own peace of mind.

Run away once you identify her.


This is a friend of convenience, only comes around when she needs your assistance – you are friends as long as you remain useful to her.

It is another way to identify a toxic friend. A friend that cares no or less about you, how you feel or what you do.

She only cares about herself and can never spare her time or resources for you but gets furious whenever you are unable to assist her.

This person claims to be too busy to listen to you, help you or even to know how you are doing – remember that too busy is a myth.

Self-respect is knowing when you matter in someone’s life and walking away when you do not. Save yourself too much headache by staying away from this person.

Lying Machine

Another way to identify a toxic friend is through her lying trait. Every words that come out of her mouth are all lies – you cannot remember the last time you heard any truth from her mouth – she lies repeatedly and with virtually everything.

Remember what they say; never trust someone who lies to you and never lie to someone who trust you.

Ditch her immediately because nothing good will come out of this friendship.

Better Than

This is another visible way to identify a toxic friend in your life. Look out for this friend who always exalt herself so high above you and belittles everyone around her.

She feels she is smarter, superior and better than you, talks about herself and achievements with too much ego – always bragging. She will tell you how she traveled to Paris for her breakfast and to Dubai for lunch.

This toxic friend is always checking you out to know what you are up to, your level of success and everything going on in your life.

Do not be confused by this because it is not a sign of love or care. She is doing all these to measure your level of success and to be sure that you are not doing better than her.

She makes you feel inferior to her which will surely affect your self-esteem negatively. Keep your personal progress away from this person and stay away from her.


This is a great way to identify a toxic friend, this friend of yours is so loyal to you as long as she is gaining something from you.

Her interest lies on what she is benefiting from you or planned to benefit – after that, she is so gone.

This person is not interested in your life or what you are going through – she can never share in your pain.

She remembers you only when you are at the peak of your carer or something big has happened to you. This is the same person who will abandon you once things become tough for you.

You do not have any reason to continue calling this person your friend – discard immediately.


This is a frenemy, double-face and fake; a friend that sings your praises at your presence but stabs you behind your back.

She is not happy that you are progressing – she is an enemy in disguise, who uses every opportunity she sees to bring you down yet she claims to love you, wining and dinning with you.

You opens up to her thinking that she is your friend but she will use the information she gets from you against you. Mind what you tell people – do not release too much information.

This person is always plotting your downfall and the earlier you stay away, the better for your over all well-being.


These are the ways to identify this toxic friend in your life:

This is the friend that do not believe in you Spreads negativity like virus – always speaking negatively Doubts every of your plans and dreamsWill never see anything good in whatsoever you doAlways discouraging you and giving you 1000 reasons it will not work. For example; you cannot do it, you are not good enough, you are not qualified, you do not deserve it, that position is too big for you, etc.

This person kills all the positive feelings you have about life and yourself, making you feel worthless and not good enough for anything.

She will not be happy if you eventually succeeds and will blame you if you fail. This is a vision killer, stay away from this person if you want to succeed in life.

Victim Player

This is the friend who is causing you pain but makes it look as if you are the oppressor – she knows how to attract pity to herself.

Always seeking for people’s sympathy as a way of discrediting you and making them to see you as the bad one.

No matter how you try or what you do for this person – it will surely turn around against you or become an offense.

She blames everyone else for all her problems – nothing is ever her fault neither will she ever take responsibility for her actions.

Life can be very unbearable with this person around, so, stay far away because she will bring you nothing but pain.

Smooth Talker

This toxic friend has a way of convincing you against your own wish – you see yourself behaving in a way you ordinarily would not have.

She is a terrible manipulator who can make you do anything she wants and will abandon you to face the consequences alone once she achieves her selfish plans or things backfires.

You can identify this toxic friend if you are behaving in this certain way only when she is around – she is a bad influence.

Avoid this fellow like a plaque because she will put you into a mess you might not be able to come out from.

Drama Queen

He fights for attention because he wants to always be the man of the moment – he is the attention seeker.

Your friendship remains as long as he is the one at the center of the occasion.

He gets very uncomfortable and sad whenever you are the one shinning – he can put up any show to drive the attention to himself, always trying to overshadow you.

Run away from this person because he will always ruin your happiness.

Never Around

I call this person a ghost friend because he disappears like a ghost. This is how to identify this toxic friend around you;

He is never around whenever you need himYou cannot count on his support or friendship He disappears in your life with easeAlways in a hurry to make promises but will never fulfill any. Very insensitive

This person can leave you at any time and return at will, as if nothing happened – he is off and on in your life.

Stop giving him a chance to be messing with your head.

Exhausting Machine

This person literally drains your energy and leaves you empty.

He is domineering – always wanting things to go his way; authoritative and super argumentative – it is almost impossible to have a smooth conversation with him.

This friend always wishes you have done things the other way round – he is never satisfied no matter how you do it.

You feel tensed whenever you are about to meet with him and super exhausted anytime you are around him. He is super furious if things are not done his way.

Avoid this person because he will drive you insane.


All these behaviors mentioned above bring negative energy into our lives – do not poison your life with toxic people.

The essence of this post is for us to be careful in all our dealings with people, remember – people can make you or mare you.

Associate yourself with people of great positivity, people who believe in you, encourage you, lift you up when you are down, and people who bring out the best in you.

Be bold enough to walk away from toxic friends because you deserve to be happy.

Remember that nothing in this world is worth your happiness, so, trade it with nothing.

Hope you did learn something from this article, today because I sure did.

Do you have people like this in your life and how have you been dealing with them? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Live happily and stay blessed.

Much love.

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