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October 7, 2019

Unwanted Beliefs Controlling Your Life? {Part 1}


When a baby is born, they’re able to perceive a lot more due to the pureness and freedom of having no filters or belief systems. Everyone is born with a clean slate, an empty canvas, and through living your life it turns into a beautiful painting.

Your life is a beautiful painting

A child will be fearless, especially when young and so pure in essence. When a baby comes from the place we shall call Source – a place of love and connection for all things and all beings. You are connected to everything, and in this state of pureness, and as the soul integrates into the body, they will be able to see energy or thought forms you cannot, but this all changes when  parents starts communicating with the child, dangling an object in front of them to indicate what the object is, and how physical and solid it appears. The baby will then ‘zoom’ into that object, familiarise itself with it, and place an emotion or feeling that they can associate with when they again see this object. They may recall and think, “Ah, I liked this object, it makes a sound, and it made me laugh the last time I played with it.”

When this ‘zooming in’ occurs, whatever is picked up around the object that is not part of, or associated with the object itself will fade into the background and become lost.

Eventually the background noise of what the child can see and you cannot, will become invalid, as it seems like no one else deems it as important. You cannot see what the baby is seeing, so therefore you cannot place attention upon it. It’s the same when you’re watching television or reading a book. You get drawn into the story and like the baby, you will ignore all other background noise as your attention is only on one particular object, declaring all other background noise irrelevant. You may still be vaguely familiar with what’s happening, but your mind is blanking it out.

This is how we have all lost the ability to see beyond the physical world. Filters are applied through the mind and the ability to see is restricted. Nothing in our reality is what it seems due to the many layers of beliefs and filters that we applied to our life experiences.

While losing oneself within the experience, and not really thinking, nor concentrating on anything in particular, you may see things that appear in your peripheral vision. This is the background noise a child was able to see, but you weren’t.  This is the reason why you should trust your instincts more, and not dismiss what is being experienced.

A baby or young child will often have invisible friends or see things we cannot. Children most often lose the ability to see beyond the veil between the ages of 5 and 7, and at the age of 10 the ability will mostly be gone. This can be avoided if parents work with children and their unique abilities, although keeping in mind that it also depends on how open-minded the parents are. Do they dismiss what the child is seeing as their imagination, or do the parents inquire and nurture the gift of seeing? Children today are very connected to their true self, and they are very open to experiencing new things and often challenge the parent and what they believe in.

Children fear nothing. They don’t know what beliefs are, or what is right or wrong. Having a clean slate, they don’t feel embarrassed about anything, nor do they worry about what others think. It’s when a parent teaches a child a lesson; this is when layers start to build and associations are made. Belief systems start to develop.

A child will bond with each parent differently, as well as act and behave differently when interacting with each parent. For every action there is a reaction. Therefore, behaving in a certain way will result in the parent reacting. If the child is good, they will know that they’ll be getting a reward, and if they’re bad, they will be punished. If the child want attention and not getting it for being good, any outcome will be better than none, so they may act out to get that attention; whatever it takes.

This will establish the boundaries of the child and parent relationship. Children will always be pushing the boundaries.  As an adult, you will also be testing the grounds and pushing the boundaries. This is a natural element of our survival and instincts.

You consist of many layers and personalities which you show to the world at different times depending on who you are interacting with, just as the child would. Often, we take on many layers to be who others want us to be. To behave and act to fit in or obtain approval, dwindling down the road to please others so much so that we lose sight of who we truly are.

Underneath all of those layers, who are you really?

Take away the layer of being the daughter, or a son to their parents. Take away the layer of the boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Who are you? Take away the layer of being Mom or Dad? Who are you now?

Has your identity merged with someone else’s? If you cannot live without them because without them you are lost, you have become a co-dependent. You have become familiar with the way you are loved, but do you love yourself? You have become familiar to reach outside of yourself for certain needs instead of reaching within?

We have lost our true essence due to our upbringing and conditioning. I cannot help but wonder if we were ever allowed to experience that true self…

Being told what to believe. What’s in your best interest. I’m sure that was the conditions we were all brought up in to degree or another. I challenge you to start peeling back the layers to find your true self.


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