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October 23, 2019

The Best Type of Manifestation Techniques to Be Aware of {Part 3}

*Editor’s Note: This piece is part of a series—lucky you. Head to the author’s profile to continue reading.


Pre-manifested awareness

To manifest anything and really wanting it to show up into your life, you need to know how to align your thoughts and energetic signature with what you desire.

Pre-manifestation is used when you are aware of what you would like to manifest, and you do so through visualizing it in detail, whatever it may be. You are manifesting through using your intention as well as incorporating all of your senses; not forgetting how powerful your thoughts and feeling are. Visualize how it would feel like to actually have those things you want to show up in your life.

You’re consciously using the law of attraction to match your vibrational frequency and therefore be a match to what you desire.

This is so much more than wishing, wondering or saying one day I’ll be…. Fill in the blank.
To sit and wish is to send the message that you are waiting for that special something that will make your life great, to just fall into your lap. For things to just happen magically without doing any work toward achieving it, comes from a place of lack, not having enough, not being good enough, and feeling powerless.

You are good enough, you are worthy, and you are the only obstacle standing in the way of achieving great things. But most importantly you have to make the space within your life for it to show up.

It’s like asking everyone to buy this book but not publishing it.
To book my services, but my calendar says “out of office.”

Post-manifested awareness

What better way to learn than learning through the means of hindsight? Post-manifestation is a great way to learn from the mistakes that you have made as it allows you to become aware of why you received the results you did and how it came to manifest in your life.

What you desire

Your “not wants” highlights your “wants.”

I know I don’t want to be lonely, therefore I know I want companionship, love and the feeling of connection. Let’s go after that. That’s the result that you are looking for. How would it feel to you if you were to visualize it as if you already have it in your life? After the “not wants” have been recognized, you can then move forward with what you need to change within your life to achieve it.

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