October 23, 2019

Not Feeling It Yet? How to Get More of the Benefits of CBD, Faster. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with Quicksilver Scientific®—they’re dedicated to pioneering new ways of delivering therapeutic nutrition to your body, and we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.


It’s no longer the new, hip, edgy kid on the block.

Now immensely popular around the world, in a market predicted to net 22 billion of our hard-earned dollars by 2022, CBD has firmly established itself in the mainstream. 

But there’s a huge problem with most CBD products: much of what we take isn’t absorbed. We end up flushing the benefits (and those dollars) down the toilet. Literally.

So Quicksilver Scientific, known for pioneering a breakthrough technology behind nutraceuticals—a lipid nanoparticle delivery system featuring liposomes and nanoemulsions that enter the bloodstream directly for higher efficacy than traditional capsules and caplet delivery systems—has now stepped into the CBD space to offer a more effective option.

For those of us who want a natural, sustainable, and affordable alternative to ease common modern lifestyle issues like stress, anxiety, and insomnia, this is great news. Here’s why:

Quicksilver’s proprietary nanotech delivery system means their high absorption hemp extract delivers pure CBD to the bloodstream at a third of the cost per mg absorbed compared to other CBD products.

And they’ve recently taken their trailblazing one step further with their Synergies range: three CBD-centered blends of premium botanicals (plant extracts known for their therapeutic benefits), nutraceuticals, essential oils, and amino acids to promote a healthy, balanced state.

Quicksilver's Synergistic CBD Blends

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Balance your mood and support the activity of "feel good" serotonin receptors. This revolutionary relaxation formula uses CBD and other supportive cannabinoids along with botanicals, oils and amino acids—all supporting a calm mind and body.
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Why you’re not getting the most from your CBD

It all comes down to bioavailability.

Bioavailability, according to Merriam-Webster is: “The degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into a living system.”

Oil-based CBD tinctures, capsules, edibles and topicals are not effectively absorbed by our systems and a large amount of the product is often flushed from the body unused. Therefore they have a low bioavailability. Why?

Because the old idiom is true: oil and water don’t mix.

As with any type of oil, CBD oil is hydrophobic, meaning it does not dissolve into water. Since our bodies are made of about 60% water, CBD oil naturally resists absorption into the bloodstream.

Some studies show that when we swallow oil-based CBD capsules or soft gels, as little as 4% of the substance actually makes it to our bloodstream. So up to 96% of the CBD ends up being flushed from our bodies without ever having an active effect.

This incompatibility with water also means that the small percentage that is absorbed has a delayed onset.

These bioavailability and delayed onset problems have pushed those in the CBD industry to come up with a solution. The problem is, however, that many players in the industry are also looking for the cheapest and most convenient ways to get to market for their share of those 22 billion dollars.

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The truth about “water-soluble” CBD products

There are many products out there claiming to be “water soluble,” although this terminology isn’t actually completely accurate because of the way that CBD particles actually interact with water. “Water compatible” or “water friendly” are actually more accurate terms.

There are also several different types of technology used to make CBD more bioavailable in this way, though not all are equally effective. Quicksilver’s CBD line is explained in several in-depth videos available on their YouTube channel for the science-inclined among us, but what we basically need to know is that nano emulsification* has been proven in studies to be the far superior method of making CBD as available for our bodies to absorb as possible.

*What the heck is nano emulsification?

Simply put, nanotechnology uses soundwaves to break down CBD oil particle clusters into micro-sized particles. These particles are smaller than 100 nanometers.

How small exactly is a nanometer? Well, the diameter of a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers (nm). A good nanoemulsion CBD, on the other hand, should have particles of less than 100nm, which is pretty darn small indeed. Studies show it’s the size and stability of nano emulsified particles that influence how effectively they are absorbed.

And, unfortunately, many industry players are using cheap, cooking grade emulsification solutions to stabilize their “water-soluble” CBD, which result in a globby, milky or cloudy liquids that are actually not as water-compatible as their manufacturers claim. Often, you can even see the oil particles separating from the water as they are stirred in.

Nano or no-no? What to look for when shopping nano emulsified CBD

  • A light-resistant bottle as CBD is degraded by light. Avoid clear bottles.
  • Transparent before and after combining with water. High-quality nano CBD lets light pass right through it. Avoid cloudy or milky looking liquids.
  • No “shake before use” instruction on the bottle. Properly nano emulsified CBD is stable and does not require shaking.
  • Lab reports that indicate not just the quantity of CBD, but confirm the nanometer size claimed.

Quicksilver ticks all these boxes and more. They’ve even undertaken studies to show how quickly their products are absorbed into the system.

Stop flushing your CBD dollars down the toilet.

Shop Quicksilver Scientific’s new CBD-Synergies range: the fastest-acting, most effective nano CBD formulas enhanced with other natural compounds to promote healthy sleep, a calmer mood and decreased daily discomfort.

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