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October 15, 2019

The Karma Past-Life Cop-Out {Part 2}

*Editor’s Note: This piece is part of a series—lucky you. Head to the author’s profile to continue reading.


The law of attractions falls within the category of cause and effect.

This simply is the reflection of our vibrational frequency that manifests physically within our life. I can only describe it as an energetic signature that pulsates through your being, and in doing so it’s drawing upon your thoughts and feelings, as well as your belief systems. The energetic pulse is like a constant refresh that’s taking place, like pressing the refresh button on your computer screen every time you have made a change. The refresh aligns itself with what you desire; consciously or unconsciously. Your signature will attract what you are seeking and connect itself automatically to that stream of consciousness that’s the exact match to what you are currently seeking, and therefore, bringing it forth into your reality.

It always feels like the ‘bad’ is out to get you, and the ‘good’ is out of reach, because you may not feel worthy of having it in our life. When you don’t have an attachment to the outcome, it simply manifests a lot faster than when you have a deep desire and longing for that which feels unobtainable. This affects your frequency and it may be a deep rooted belief that you are not worthy of having it within your life.

The ‘bad’ is not out to get you, unless you believe it is. It all forms part of your daily self- programming.

  • All the good die young
  • Good people never don’t win
  • Nice boys and gals finish last

Do you tell yourself that you always get the short end of the stick? When one develops a negative state of mind, they may fall into the trap of blaming karma or even past lives. This is a cop-out, and a coping mechanism.

You’re a good person, but in a moment of weakness meant that you stepped away from being present with your thoughts, giving your mind permission to run on autopilot. This lead you to have an ill wish upon someone which was unconscious behaviour, and it only took a fraction of a second for you to realise what just transpired.

What do I mean?

Like a boomerang, this particular bad thought you just had turned 360º, turned around and the ill intended through hit you like a ton of bricks instead of the intended target.

I know you know what I’m talking about. So this happened, as you were walking you missed a step crossing the road and you instantly tripped; falling and crashing into the tarmac. You knew it was coming as soon as you become conscious of the fact of what just transpired. Your thoughts simply aligned and the outcome was that it affected you instead of the other individual. Let’s blame karma – instant Karma. We’re all accountable for our actions, and the reactions that follow.

You can almost think of it as a very fast download that occurs in matter of seconds and what we call cause and effect is simply about finding balance. The balance occurs at various rates, and often when there is no resistance. When there’s no resistance it will happen almost instantaneously. Like having that ill wish upon someone in a moment when you didn’t have control over your emotions and thoughts which allowed for immediate feedback to take place. You tripped.

If you do belief in Karma, may I put your mind to rest?

No one likes the idea of karma, especially if you are seeing it as a debt that you need pay off because of what you did in this life, or that you are being punished for what you did in a past life. Don’t allow such things to determine how you live your life. Simply be the best version of you and don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you. Karma is here to teach that you cannot hurt another without hurting yourself, and when you help another you are also helping yourself. It teaches you to become present.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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