October 11, 2019

The Secret Message behind October’s Full Hunter Moon in Aries.


“The story that the moon tells is of the birth, growth, fullness, decay, disappearance, with rebirth and growth again.” ~ Demetra George


Is it a full moon again?

Funny thing, the moon; it’s a creature of habit.

I find a lot of comfort in following the moon on its journey, because it reminds me to be present to my own revolutions. Just think of all the ways we shift—our emotions, our moon cycle, the way we experience life, what engages our minds. We wax and wane and begin again.

The Full Hunter Moon in Aries brings up a lot of emotions, and there’s good reason for it. There’s a cycle beneath the cycle as Luna rises on October the 13th.

Here in Canada, it is also the weekend of Thanksgiving. No matter where we are, we can practice gratitude, which is the cornerstone of our inherent abundance.

When the moon is full, it signals a culmination, the end of an anticipated destination. Luna is ripe, fertile, illuminated to her fullest degree. When celebrating a full moon in ritual, we acknowledge that abundance and the incredible resilience of the feminine. Luna is most potent three days leading up to her fullness, and it is appropriate for perform full moon magic until the day following.

We are, as lunar creatures ourselves, susceptible to heightened emotions during this time. Our internal tides rise; ovulation occurs around the full moon, creativity and libido peaks, we become more attracted and attractive to others. There is an excitement emotionally and physically, as expressed by our bodies and our narrative.

Watch for the ways you express yourself during the full moon as opposed to the new, for instance. Things begin to make more sense when laid against the background of light—or the absence of it.

Full illumination also marks the threshold to a descent. The moon never resists the beauty of coming into its fullness then almost immediately surrendering to the waning process, to the depths of renewal before it can be born once more.

I see a great lesson in that for myself and for humanity. Whoever told us that time was linear did us a great disservice. Should we be able to see ourselves in the same way we see nature, we could let go of the many fears and questions we have about the validity of each lifetime and the fact that we are experts at transformative regeneration.

But what is the secret to October’s Hunter Moon? What brews beneath the obvious?

Nestled between the end of Pluto retrograde on October 3rd (the end of a five-month cycle where we learned to release outdated paradigms) and the start of Mercury retrograde, also falling on the holy day of Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve), this full moon in Aries rises during what is known as the seasonal time of the Dark Moon.

Between the fall equinox in September and the winter solstice is the season of the Dark Moon, as the eight-phase of the yearly moon cycle coincides with the eight pagan sabbat. Full moon in Aries is the illumination of a time when the dark goddess reigns supreme.

The dark goddess is the banished third aspect of the feminine, the crone. Society has been comfortable with the maiden and the mother, but the crone, the one who guides us on our path through destruction of the old and re-birth into the new, the wise woman, is rejected and portrayed as dangerous and evil. It is time that we call her back into our awareness and love the part of ourselves which is the crone, no matter our age.

We would be well in our stead to call on any dark moon goddess during this period, such as Hecate, Ceridwen, or Cybele, but particularly on the full moon we will engage with the goddess Diana, the Huntress, Artemis, who helps us birth dreams, Isis supporting regeneration, and the Triple Goddess, also known as the Great Mother.

And so we are in the most magical period of the moon’s expression of the entire year!*

This full moon, Aries, brings fire and leadership. Take a page from this sign’s repertoire and put yourself first. No half-measures at this time. Make decisions with the assurance of success. Step boldly into what calls you. Have faith in your determined steps.

Aries is generous of spirit, and so should you be. There is a sexual energy to the days of the full moon, an expectation of fulfillment, love, and outspoken dreams.

Most of the time, we would say that being hasty or impulsive is not a wise decision, but this moon, a window of great light during the darkest phase of the year, calls for agility and innovation.

Can you feel the energy of it all?

On the other hand, there is greater potential for arguments and misunderstandings. So what can be done? Approach all that fire and action with kindness, an open mind, and with an agreement toward compassion.

Fun and Informative Moon Activities

A fun thing to do is to see where the moon transits your natal chart and when.

If you have an astrologer handy, they can help you dive deeper into the meaning of things. Otherwise, you can use this online calculator which will tell you which house and sign your moon is in.

For me, the moon is in the sign of Scorpio, in my fifth house, in the house of self-expression, creativity, sexuality, and children, which explains a lot about my primal motivations in life. To know oneself is our highest calling.

Another way to discover more about yourself in relation to the moon can be found in Jan Spiller’s book, Astrology for the Soul. Here she gives accurate readings based on the North Node of your moon, which indicates purpose and talents, life lessons, relationship strategies, and self-defeating tendencies.

Remember to charge your crystals, have a howl by a fire, dance naked, moon-bathe, surround your bed with a bevy of clear or white stones, and make wild, irreverent love or make moon-water with which to wash your face the next morning or save for full moon magic rituals.

During this potent moon, may you find peaceful moments to remember that there is nothing more important than to connect with your integrity, your purpose, and your inner guidance.

Full Moon blessings, Wild Ones. What is something you look forward to on the full moon? Where is your natal moon, and does the information resonate with you? Tell me.


*The southern hemisphere is experiencing this moon between spring equinox and summer solstice. A great time of expansion, increasing light and endless possibility in sight. As it begins to wane on the 14th, descend toward rest, in preparation of the sacred pause during dark moon, October 28. While there, incubate new dream seeds close to your heart. Wherever we live, the dark goddess lives within, wise women all of us, by nature.

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