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October 3, 2019

You Are the Point the Universe is Trying to Make – How Yoga Eventually Started to Make Sense

A long time ago – back when I had one beautiful child in my life and was relatively new to yoga – I went to an Anusara workshop in Berkeley led by Sianna Sherman and Douglass Brooks. One of the messages that really stuck with me was when Douglass Brooks said, “You are the point the universe is trying to make.”

It stuck, so to speak and made sense. Or at least I wanted it to. For a long time, yoga was an intellectual practice for me. I could follow the cues of alignment in asana practice. The wisdom resonated and I could discuss the talking points thoroughly. It made sense, but could I feel it? I wasn’t sure. About the time I started yoga, I also began a 12 Step Program. Step 3, “Came to believe that a power greater than you can restore you to sanity,” highlighted this rather limited intellectual understanding of these deeply visceral practices. I’m not exactly sure why, but I kept coming back. Even though I couldn’t always feel it, this step into yoga and spirituality was like coming home. The movement spoke to me even though I could not yet understand what it was saying. The lessons, passed down from countless generations of spiritual seekers, became my medicine even though I couldn’t taste them.

I kept practicing. I practiced through the birth of my second child. I practice through the dissolution of my marriage. I practiced through my move to a new town, not knowing a soul, as a single mom. I am practicing now as I navigate my way through the trials and tribulations of starting my life over at 37. With each event, I came to realize so much of this journey, extends beyond intellect. Quite frankly – most of the time I have no idea what the hell is going on. It is energy, alchemy, and straight up magic. This practice is intention and compassion. It is forgiveness and empathy. It is courage and trust. It is perseverance in a never ending quest to let go and let God.

While we star-seeds, yogis, light workers, and regular folks interested in a bit of magic navigate this journey of ascension and assimilation, we begin to understand this gift we are given in a whole new light. The magic happens before our very eyes – all three of them. Signs and synchronicities guide us through. Dark turns to light, patterns of dense energy gain momentum by the alchemization of our intentions. And there – it becomes so much more than an understanding.

Now, when I move, I can hear the words of my ancestors speaking through my physical form. I stretch into the far recesses of my body and create space for light to shine. I bend and fold and float and strengthen, creating heat. I send this energy where it needs to go. It heals, it comforts, it transforms the past to make way for lightness. Alignment in my physical body triggers alignment within – the energies flowing through my central channel – equal parts magnetic and electric – divinely masculine and feminine.

The medicines that are the lessons are full of flavor – bursting with the goodness that grows on this beautiful planet on which we reside. With each experience, I taste the nectar of healing tonic. They seek out the trauma, pain, and suffering and offer a remedy to what has been broken. I carry them with me – all ways and every where – administering as needed.

It is through this continued practice – even when none of it made sense – that I realized it was so much more than an understanding.

You are the universe – this entire collective of energies making its way back to source. You are the countless probably realities that exist around you. You are the miracle that is getting back up, taking a new route, defying predictability, choosing love over hate, breaking free from an outdated paradigm.

As you breathe in more light, you breathe in more healing. Exhale – send the blessings out. Take an intentional step and create ripples in the pool of consciousness. “You are the point the universe is trying to make.” Yes, YOU.

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