October 30, 2019

Your Astrological Guide to Halloween.

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


Halloween falls in the middle of Scorpio season, the zodiac sign most known for its familiarity with the darkness.

Traditionally, this holiday marks the middle of fall, and a time when cultures from all over the northern hemisphere (and today the world) pause to take note of mortality and darkness.

It’s easy to see mortality in the weather in northern places at this time: the trees are losing their leaves, the autumn crops have mostly been harvested, and fields are turning grey. There’s a chill in the air and the evenings have turned dark.

It’s here that human responses vary. I’m trained as a folklorist, and as any good folklorist knows, when people are faced with uncomfortable truths, one of three things happens: they face the truth, they mock the truth, or they hide the truth. This is why Halloween has three faces: a sacred night, a night of tricks, or a night of treats.

All of these responses are valid and welcome (and let’s face it, you’ve probably done all three at various moments in life). 

Scorpio season invites you to try each on. Whether you’re a Scorpio sun sign or not, this is a moment when each zodiac sign has an opportunity to peel back a layer of reality to embrace the shadow aspects of life.

This doesn’t mean that you have to change your personality or suddenly enjoy those uncomfortable aspects of who you are, but it does mean that it may be time to face those feelings you may have ignored because they didn’t seem acceptable or palatable at the time.

As an energy, Scorpio represents the part of the zodiac that modern society tends to fear most: it’s an energy that derives power from deep, intuitive knowing; it knows how to both contain deep emotion and decisively act; and it’s feminine (though present in people of all genders).

So, learn to embrace your inner Scorpio today. Below find some information for each zodiac sign this Halloween. Consider your rising or moon sign as well, if you know them.


Aries energy knows what it wants and goes for it, but doesn’t always consider the deep intuition that guides from the heart. Take a break from your forward momentum and sit in stillness to consider the held emotional state that guides this season. Tapping into it will help you achieve what you want with greater integrity and intensity.


Taurus energy is Scorpio’s opposite in the zodiac, and shares the quality of being able to hold steady to what must be done. Today, pause and take several deep breaths until you feel it deep in your lower stomach. What is it your deepest emotional self is asking? Use that to stay your course.


Gemini energy and Scorpio energy don’t have much in common, so they can learn a lot from one another. As an air sign, Gemini energy is used to thinking through problems to solutions, or reframing problems until they can be let go. Try something new today. What is it like to simply sit with challenges as they arise and not say, do, or think anything to solve them?


Like Scorpio, Cancer is a water sign and it is used to tapping into the emotions. However, unlike Scorpio, Cancer tends to emote outwardly (even if this is done alone). Today, see what it feels like to not show emotion outwardly right away (but do feel your feelings). Does holding the emotion in your awareness offer you some advice about how to move forward?


Leo energy is square to Scorpio, and both forms of energy know what they want. However, Leo energy is used to getting their desired outcome quickly. Today, sit with what you want and consider what it would be like to play the long game. How does patience serve your deep inner knowing? Can you obtain more with a slower step and a lighter touch?


Virgo energy needs to be orderly, and it can be stressful to lean into the eternally messy depths where Scorpio energy abides. What is it like to lean in to entropy? Is there something in your life that you’ve been trying to control that you could ease your grip on just a bit? Lean into the feeling that comes from letting go.


Life isn’t always fair and beautiful, although Libra energy prefers it that way. Sometimes life is challenging and Scorpio energy encourages looking at that fact. Take a few deep breaths and really embrace the shadow aspects of life and the psyche. Allow yourself to consider whether embracing shadow aspects could create its own sort of balance.


Scorpio natives are born into this energy, but because Scorpio is so often subjected in modern society, it can take time to integrate the deep knowing and intuition that guides you. Today, take some time out to truly feel into the depths of your being. What is held there? Is there any aspect of yourself you’d like to bring from the depths to the surface?


Sagittarius energy searches the soul and the stars for truth, but tends to find the spark of inspiration through high systems of philosophy rather than deep within the body. Today, consider how deep philosophy might be able to spring from within you. What do the processes of the body (your beating heart, your thinking brain, even your digestion) have to teach you about the nature of reality?


Capricorn energy is always climbing higher and higher, but it’s rare for Capricorn to pause and consider what happens when you reach the top of the mountain. In life, whatever rises will someday fall, and the same is true of whatever you’re striving for. Today, take the time to consider how you might enjoy your journey. How is it you want to feel as you move forward?


Aquarius energy is square to Scorpio, and both energies hold deep wisdom within. Aquarius tends to make things a bit impersonal, considering truths for all of humanity and truly caring about what’s going to serve all people. This tendency can take you out of your own emotional reality. Today, get back in touch with the specifics of how you’re feeling, what you love, and how you can express that.


Both Pisces and Scorpio are water signs, and so both are used to dwelling in intuition and emotion. Unlike Scorpio, Pisces energy tends to be more fluid, often getting pushed or pulled along by the influence of others. Today, tap into your feelings and try to separate your state from the states of those around you. What can you learn by holding yourself in stillness?

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