November 11, 2019

For the Days you feel Hopeless & Lost in the Dark.

This post is for you.

The you who cried alone in the washroom this week, who covered your mouth so no one could hear your sobs.

The you who wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, who punched a pillow instead of hurting another soul with your venom.

The you who cancelled plans because you felt too sick or too afraid to attend, but is still willing to try again tomorrow.

The you who wakes up unrested and exhausted after a night spent at war in your mind, worrying.

The you who looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize your own reflection because you don’t make enough time to get to know yourself.

The you who tries to push forward against the reminders of when you didn’t, in the past.

The you who tries to silence you, reminding that you are never going to be good enough, wise enough, brave enough, strong enough.

The you who keeps on keeping on, in spite of everything. The you who still dared to get up today to face the world, your situation, and your own demons.

You. Yes, you.

You are my hero.

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