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November 30, 2019

If you love me, let me be.

Let me be.
Let me be free.
Let me be wild.
Let me be happy.
Let me be.
Let me feel what I need to, when I need to.
Let me cry, let me laugh.
Let me be emotional.
Let me not make sense.
Let me confuse you, let me be a paradox.
Let me frustrate you, let me be complicated.
Let me be.
Let me be serene, calm and with the breath.
Let me close my eyes, be in my center and smile.
Let me be at peace, let me be still.
Let me be.
Let me not be owned or your conquest.
Claim me as your woman, I long for this.
But know I am not yours to control or manipulate.
Or to be used, or lied to.
Let me be pursued, not something to maintain.
Let my beauty not be something to be admired and thrown away.
Let me be.
Let me be free of the labels and constrictions of
Girlfriend, wife, side chick.
Let me be.
Let me make mistakes, I will forgive yours.
Let me develop my own perceptions of the world.
Let me make my choices.
Let me have an opinion, let me have a voice.
Treat me as your equal, let me find my place in this world.
Let me be.
Let me be messy, let me be tangled in the bedsheets.
Let me yearn for you, crave your touch, your warm chest, let me feel your heartbeat.
Let me fall into your strength.
Let me feel safe so I can open my body to you.
Let me be naked and raw and real.
Let me be pleasure, let me be ecstasy.
Let me move like the ocean, let me dance.
Let me know I can trust you, speak in nothing but truth, love in honesty.
Let me know you will be there.
Let me feel protected and valued.
Let me hear your heart, let it not be a guessing game.
Make it safe to stay so that I don’t have to run.
Let me put on old backpacks and wander off to distant lands, I will come home I promise.
Let me explore, let me taste life in all it’s juicyness, let me be young, let me be innocent, let me explore.
Let me be.
Let me be a woman, let me be real.
Let me be creation, let me be life. Let me flow.
Let me be beauty.
Let me be love.
Let me be.

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