November 25, 2019

New Moon in Sagittarius: a Time for Change, Synchronicity & Reflecting on New Beginnings. {November 26th}

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“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back.” ~ Paulo Coelho


The moon is invisible in the night sky when it passes between Earth and the sun (sun conjunct moon), and marks a new 28-day lunar cycle.

Our energetic, emotional, and physical bodies all respond to the gathering excitement of new beginnings, first in deep rest under the Dark Moon, then in rebirth when the first crescent appears in the sky.

One thing ends, another begins—this is the beauty of repetition. There is always renewal, a new opportunity to begin again, no matter how badly we think we stuffed up the previous month. Grace—that is the gift of how our universe folds and unfolds.

This month, the new moon is influenced by optimistic, truthful Sagittarius and more intensely by Mars opposite Uranus, bringing disruption, chaos, moodiness, and erratic and erotic emotions which call us to thoughtful action. I say thoughtful, because presence and careful contemplation will be prerequisites to casting new intentions.

These are intoxicating times. This month creates a heady container where we will examine our relationship with success, money, fortune, and possessions, in time for the following new moon/solar eclipse on the 26th of December.

So many of us struggle with receiving. Thank goodness for planetary shenanigans which open portals for us to examine why abundance is such a stumbling block. Prepare for this kind of medicine in the days to come.

I have been feeling rebellious, wanting to rush the process, following the heat and fire of Sagittarius, stirring up storms within my own psyche. With Mercury Retrograde only just stationed direct, it is a dangerous place to be in, should thoughts run away with us.

As with any new moon, it is good to keep things in perspective, to stay calm. What would happen if we allowed ourselves to see things not with our intellect but through instinct?

But before you do anything, allow yourself that sacred pause offered each month at the dark moon. This one night of complete absence of light is a gift of respite. Yes, dark moon is also new moon, but not yet ripe enough for initiative. Take a breath of stillness and look back over the past month: what went well, where did you lose hope or gain it, who came in or out of your life, who needs out?

Leave behind what consistently holds you back. Each month, this day is the perfect cradle for banishment and reflection. Let the hag, the crone, the wise old woman speak prophetic whispers to your ears. Let the irreverence of her wisdom cure the dreams nestled deep in the womb of your heart.

Tending the house of your soul, what might you miss if you rush too soon into the powerful conditions of first crescent on the 27th?

Then, as the Maiden rises in the night sky, of silken slippers and gossamer gown, trust to her your dream seeds and expand.

The energy of the new moon calls for intention setting, heart opening, trusting intuition, and the first breaths of new goals. It is a gentle focus.

Ideas for ritual (do some or all, in whatever order):

Take cleansing breaths.

Clear the air in your space, open windows, light incense, candles, or dried herbs in a small bowl.

Call upon the maiden moon to awaken your most pure intentions for self-love and growth.

Look forward, vision quest.

Journal fresh ideas, give them space in your mind and on paper, which you can hold in your hands and magnetize with your own personal magic. This is a way of touching the essence of your dreams.

Take a sea salt bath.

Organize cupboards that long for your attention. Breathe new life into old corners.

A Dark/New Moon Prayer/Invocation

Mistress of the dark moon, I surrender to the shadows.
I open to the sanctuary of my soul and release all that haunts me.
I rest in contemplation and seek guidance on my sacred path.
With heart grateful and open, I close my eyes and listen to the breath which leads me onward.

Maiden Moon, my cycles are your cycles, and together we empty and fill, rise and set, ebb and flow.
I set and affirm new intentions, and nurture with love and grace dream seeds which I cast onto the tapestry of my life.
I turn my face to your first light, where you reflect and draw down to us the messages and new soul urges presented by the sun.
I expand, I nurture optimism; I choose aligned direction and seek my fearless truth.
So Mote it be.

No matter what the planets open within us, as is their purpose, remember we always, always have choice. Remember that these portals are intentional. They are what keeps us from stagnating in our lives, always offering new questions and inviting inspired answers.

These planetary transits crack our shells and poke the seedling we become at each new moon. They let the light shine in after days of incubation and set us forward to maturation at full moon, when Mother Moon greets us with illuminated love.

From dark to new to full to waning, we travel this pattern each month as a mini example of our entire lives and the life of this galaxy.

Nothing is random. All is synchronicity.

Blessings on your journey, Wild One.


Dark (New) Moon in Sagittarius November 26th 10:06 a.m. EST
Witch’s New Moon in Sagittarius November 27th/28th

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Read 6 comments and reply

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