November 26, 2019

Winter has Answers the Mind knows Little About. {Poem}

We rarely “get” to where we’re going
By leaving this moment.
We never arrive.
We just keep waiting
To get “there,”
Wherever “there” might be,
Whatever it may look like.
Somehow different,
Somehow better
Than where we are.

The mind was meant to search,
But it needs now to be tamed,
To be reminded
That fullness is found
Right here.
That striving and efforting
Only get us so far.
We must surrender, now,
To get to the next level.
Surrender all stories
And ideas of how
Things should go.
Surrender this panicky
Version of ourselves.
Let go of the need to know,
Just for this season.

Winter has answers the mind knows
Little about.
But the heart abides here,
In this same place,
Waiting for our return.
The invitation to return
Is always available.
The mind may hook us,
But the present
Is always just one
Mindful notice away.
It isn’t easy to retrain ourselves
That mental aerobics is not
Making us more fit
To be human.
Just more neurotic,
And less sane.

So, return now.
Surrender it all now.
We didn’t come this far
To only come this far.
Mind bows to heart,
And not the other way
The spiritual heart is the leader.
It is the true master.
Bridge the two back together,
And we shall know
Peace this season.


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