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November 10, 2019

Why Your Intuition is the Best “Diet” Around

We all know the old saying “follow your gut.” Turns out, following our gut and intuition can not only lead to weight loss but fully honoring what our bodies crave and need. Whether it’s an Instagram feed or Netflix playing in the background, often times we find ourselves detached from our food. Perhaps we feel too busy to take a lunch break and eat at our desks while working or have certain health restrictions limiting what we can and cannot eat. Fortunately, when we learn to tap into our intuition and use it to guide our relationship with food you may not only lose weight but feel your best! 

Our bodies will tell us just what we need and when we need it if we can start to listen to that little voice inside. If you can’t decide what you want to eat, close your eyes, breathe, and ask yourself what does my body need right now? When it is time to eat, limit distractions, be fully present with your food, and chew! Yes, you heard it right-chew your food, savoring every bite enjoying all the flavors and textures. Chewing your food (and not just shoveling it down) not only helps digestion but brings you into the present moment. By being aware of every bite your body will also signal to you when it has had enough or needs more! This is especially relevant as the holiday season approaches-full of parties, food, and booze! 

We’re taught to believe that cravings are a bad thing. I encourage you to flip this mindset-cravings are not bad! They are simply a way our bodies send us a message. Next time you find yourself craving something, again try closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and asking your inner self-guidance for what you really need. 

The acronym HALT may be helpful here as well. If you find yourself reaching for the salty chips after dinner, HALT and ask yourself, am I: Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? By bringing awareness to the craving you may realize that you do not even want the chips at all, but are using them to fill a void of feeling angry. Or, maybe you still find yourself hungry even when you “HALT.” That is okay too! Use that inner guidance once again to nourish yourself with whatever food you need.

Quite frequently, if people are craving sugar or salty carbs I find they need more “good fat” (coconut oil, avocado, almonds) and protein in their diet. If you are really wanting that chocolate bar, try a hard-boiled egg first. See if that satisfies you and wait. You could also try drinking water! People often mistake thirst for hunger. 

We can count carbs and calories until we are blue in the face without the weight coming off. Weight loss is a transformation beyond food-we have to look at the whole picture, love ourselves, and notice how our emotions may play a role in our food choice. Use the little voice inside to guide you! 


Curious to learn more? Georgia Grey of WBH Nutrition Co., is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in weight loss, autoimmune nutrition, kid/family nutrition, weight loss and gut health. Schedule your one on one individualized holistic nutrition session today (in person or virtual) by contacting georg[email protected] or visiting her website

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