December 31, 2019

An End of Decade Manifesto.

It is okay that I am slow and silent.

It is okay that I have a deep need for solitude.

Every day that I wake up,

I get closer and closer

to the seed of myself,

and there is nothing more important than clearing the way to this seed

that needs to blossom.

I applaud every single rejection I receive.

The more noes I get,

the faster I forge into the truest expression of myself.

It’s okay to disengage with whatever makes me feel out of alignment,

even if it’s family, even if it’s a mentor, even if it’s friends,

even if it’s home, even if it’s what has always worked in the past,

even if it pisses people off.

I am committed to my soul’s purpose.

I submit myself to a higher power in order to honour this commitment.

I place 100 percent of my trust in this higher power, which is also myself.

I no longer poison my body,

and I keep my channel clear.

I am no longer afraid of what may come through

a clear channel.

I work every day to calm my nervous system

and overcome the illusion of threat.

It is safe to listen to my intuition.

My inner voice always knows what’s best,

so I stop pretending to not know what it’s saying.

I know.

I expel any lingering feelings of inferiority for not being “normal.”

It’s okay that I don’t care about marriage and kids.

It’s okay that I don’t mind putting myself first.

It’s okay that I’m not a member of the “busy” club.

It’s okay that I don’t give a sh*t about Tinder

or LinkedIn.

It’s okay that I don’t want it all

not even close.

I don’t want any of it.

Burn it all to the ground.

It’s okay that I want to continue free falling into the mystery.

It’s okay if people want to ridicule me for not

making all of my decisions based on facts.

Wasn’t every fact once a possibility?

It’s okay that I am slow and silent.

It’s okay that I have a deep need for solitude.

It’s all okay.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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