December 12, 2019

Gemini Full Moon: Honoring the Opposing Forces & Making Way for Union of Self.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


*Author’s note: I am a student of life, a non-formal student of astrologer, a mystical student, a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. My life is my teacher. Astrology is a tool I use to deepen my self-awareness and open to the cosmos and power of magic. It is but one tool of many. There is no right or wrong way to learn. I share with you what I know and understand at this point in time in my journey and evolution. May it serve you in your own journey home.


I am a Gemini moon sign.

Cancer rising and Cancer sun make up my other multifaceted nature.

We are all 12 zodiac signs. Some more dominant this present life cycle around the sun than the others.

In short, our rising sign is the first shade, vibe, or inkling we observe or feel of someone. Our sun sign is the prominent personality we show, our driving conscious nature. Our moon sign makes up the more hidden, subconscious driving forces and emotional terrain of our inner landscape.

The moon is the inner landscape. The inner subconscious. The feminine. The feeling of sense for ourselves and our world.

Among the other many planetary aspects in our unique birth chart that truly just represent our birthed nature and the energy present in this skies at the moment of our conception, this is our karma.

It is the characteristics we came here to learn about, to experience, to evolve, and ultimately transcend beyond the patterns.

Our rising sun and moon sign are always in conversation with each other. Sometimes, more in our awareness. Other times, not.

Our inner and outer worlds seek to restore union and harmony.

Through trauma, pain, life, loss, and other formidable events, we may have lost our inner ability to self-harmonize. And perhaps looked externally in substances, patterns, people, or other means for a way to internally meet a need of disharmony. We shut down, repress, stifle, numb, and disconnect with the inner self. We lose the ability to trust the inner self.

This inner self is ever-present though—just under-acknowledged, under-soothed, and under-expressed.

Gemini is the child. The inner playfulness, curiosity, question master, and mischievous trickster. She is the child and the parent (or pretend parent). The duplicate aspects of the self, always showing us where we align or mis-align. “Mis-alignment” is a big teaching of Gemini. It is not wrong. It just is its nature. To feel deeply the juxtaposition of the two sides of the coin of life.

Pain. Joy. Elation. Loss. This is what it is to be human. A feeling human.

Most of us were told at some point to “think” our way through life. That feelings were weak. Dangerous, even. Explosive. Violent. Uncontrollable. Unmanageable.

So, we cut off. We jumped out of our bodies and into our heads. Into the mind matrix and maze of delusion and illusion. The haunted house of trauma and our past.

We think. And think some more. About all sorts of devilish things—temptations, fears, obsessions. Perhaps, this is the imbalance of Gemini. The mis-aligned inner conflict.

How many times have I thought to myself, “Could my direct experience right now be any more wrong?'”

Or, “Get it together! Stop thinking so much. Pick one thought and feeling and focus. Foooocuussssssss. Dear God, just focus long enough to still your mind.”

The Gemini mind is active. Overactive, some days. Always thinking, planning, strategizing, preparing, intellectualizing its feelings, labeling, judging. This is my mind. It isn’t an easy place to live. Especially when it dictates my connection to my feelings.

This Gemini full moon, landing on 12.12.19 at 12:12 a.m. ET, is bringing us all sorts of chatter, blessings, insights, and release—if we allow it to.

Allowness is key for not just full moons and astrological events, but for life. The more we can allow whatever is churning below or just above the surface to be as it is, the more space we give to ourselves.

When we can stop fighting our current experiences, we open to the perfection in what is already happening—the “good” and the “bad.”

This full moon brings a time of reconnection to self and others. To get intimate with the questions. And pause in the subliminal space of unanswered questions.

With the sun in Sagittarius, we can open to the bigger picture of life unfolding. How each moment is being strewn together in magical, unfounded ways.

Gemini is ever so curious about life. About love. About the self. Self-analysis. But, self-analysis without self-compassion is self-cruelty. It is painful to look at yourself, your life, and your actions time and time again with self-condemnation and self-judgment.

Perhaps, these voices stepped in to protect us when we were wounded. Perhaps, they still try to keep us safe by keeping us a little distant, detached, or guarded.

Gemini is not a feeler. She is a mad-hatter thinker. So, perhaps, we can adjust our thinking or allow for acceptance of the opposing forces within. Remember union is always present, always seeking to make itself known. Union with our present physical experience.

We can think all day long. And, wonderful ideas and imaginative things may appear. But, it is also a relationship. Relationship to our thoughts and ideas. Are they serving us or are we serving them?

Only you will know.

This full moon closes out 2019 and this decade. Full moons can bring all sorts of feelings. But, we must remember, as the famous Mr. Rogers would kindly tell us,

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone.”

So, be kind. Pause. Inquire within. Connect to self. Connect to those around you. Be willing to be seen. Be willing to come undone. Be willing to be free. Be willing to lay down the heavy thoughts. Be willing to lay to rest the self-condemnation. Be willing to accept your whole self, thoughts, feelings, current reality, and all.

This Gemini moon is here to tell you curiosity and lightness is another way to heal. Seriousness in our healing work negates what we are truly seeking after all: joy, lightness, freedom, and peace.

We can shift our perceptive as the moon lights our way forward into the next year and decade. Keep expanding into this version of yourself. She is waiting for you.

Honor who you are becoming by connecting to the inner landscape of your soul.

Wait for no one. Choose yourself. Find your true nature again. And love it with all the might of your beating human heart.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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