December 30, 2019

Stop Waiting for the Universe. Live your Damn Life—Now.

Today is December 30th.

The decade is ending in less than two days, and you are in major reflection mode.

This decade was a rocky one—oh, yes, I know. But, you survived. Not only did you survive, dare say, you accomplished some of your dreams.

And now, the impending doom of time and illusion of social media has got you feeling like you are behind. You are lazy, you are a procrastinator, you are wasting time.

The truth is that voice is right. You are wasting precious time. Allowing your ideas, talents, gifts, and literal life to go to waste. Writing them down, talking about them, obsessing over them—and watching TV when you get home. Excusing your passions with the daily excuse of “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

True, life is tiresome. Work is long and stressful and, sometimes, so is home. And so, what do you do when you have no time to work on your craft? You meditate on it. You daydream about it. You call to it. And expect it to fully appear completely perfected in front of you. Or someone to appear in front of you when you go to the store and change your life forever.

Well, it doesn’t happen like that.

There is work involved in becoming great. Not just normal 9-to-5 work, either. It’s grueling, back-breaking, tear-jerking, stress-laden. It’s plenty of lonely, late nights, matter-of-fact sleepless nights, homeless nights; but, you will be inspired to keep going.

And that—that is living. Aspiring to do something, become someone so great that you would rather be uncomfortable than be unhappy. How expensive is time when you’re spending it doing something you despise? What is time worth when you choose to stay unhappy?

Each one of us has to answer that for ourselves. At the end of your life, you will ultimately realize the answer.

Inspiration comes daily. Yet, it is fleeting.

Catch the moments and press the gas. Don’t just meditate or write about them. Put them into action.

Faith without action is dead.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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