December 31, 2019

The Cheapest Elephant Subscription you ever did see (or get, or give) is Here.

The New Year is here. A new decade, too. We can give ourselves the gift of Resolutions, or Aspirations, that last—and that are based not merely on self-improvement (which can have an edge of self-aggression, i.e. “I really would be attractive if I’d just lose 5 pounds”), …but on self-love. Not the self-love that influencers might sell us, or a $975 quartz dildo from Goop…

…but the kind of self-love that money can’t buy: maitri.

Making friends with the parts of ourselves we’re not overly proud about.

But if money could help, it wouldn’t be much—it’d be a few bucks, for the entire year, to give the gift of mindful awareness, from an indie media community that’s brave (or foolish) enough to have some tough conversations, but also keep our communal sense of humor. That’s what we do, and if you don’t take it for granted, we’ll be able to continue to serve world peace and love (but really) in the shadow of the Instagram/Facebook Death Star.

To that end, our cheapest subscription offer is here, for you, to gift to yourself, or a loved one who might need some grounding in sanity or uplifting inspiration against the tide of speediness and burn out, of fear and division.

Cheerful New Year.

Get unlimited reads, see 90% fewer ads, here’s our cheapest Elephant Subscription you ever did see.

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