December 20, 2019

Find your Way Home to Yourself.

Your embodiment is entirely your own.

It will not look like anyone else.

There is no way that wearing your soul fully on the inside “should” look on the outside. It will sound, feel, taste, move, and sound like nothing else in the world but you.

In a world where we are all encouraged to be individual, there are unspoken yet clearly branded, marketed boxes we need to fit ourselves into. So many ways we learn from being little humans what form of human is acceptable and what is not. So much so that the unique, divine spark that we came here to truly house in this home of a body mutates itself until we think something is wrong with us.

There is nothing wrong with us, but there is a collective psyche that has emerged, along with the brick walls and concrete we’ve built around us to “protect” us from nature. This culture is the water and air we breathe; without clear vision, the fog becomes our eyes and we forget how to see.

We each came here with a different flavor of human to develop, master, and serve from.

Frankly, I’ve spent a better part of my life wishing for some different kind of medicine, some different energetic signature than what is mine. As I sit here now, in this place that is the Motherland of my blood, I can feel it and am falling deeply in love with it.

I didn’t come here to do light work in the sense of being bright and positive all the time. I came here to sit in the darkest darkness and use my gifts to help it yield to love, to transmute it into power, kindness, truth, compassion, gentleness, wisdom, and a new way of being in this world. I came here to find the purpose in what seems to be utterly purposeless and to honor the totality of what is—not a wholeness with finished edges, but a wholeness that encompasses the gritty parts, the jagged edges, and the bright light that penetrates the whole damn thing when we love it all long enough.

Every one of us has a hard thing. Don’t ever be fooled or compare your hard thing to some else’s easy thing.

That hard thing is a part of what is entirely our own, the way that our soul enters back into our hearts and reunites us with love, sanity, and wholeness again. It will not look like being “spiritual” for all of us, because the soul doesn’t care about labels. It may like jeans and T-shirts, wearing all black, drinking coffee, and talking about making a list of obscure museums to visit.

The most important thing you can do is to be kind to yourself and honor what calls to you.

Tend to the feelings you have about who you are, your hard thing, or what you came here to transform, do, be, or serve.

The inner mother is our unconscious attitude that we have toward ourselves. She represents the internal constellation of how we were mothered, the messages we received, and our unmetabolized trauma.

She is the backdrop of how we manage ourselves, push away our true self, negate our value, have difficulty maintaining integrity with values and boundaries, constantly hold ourselves under hostage of critical attack, or even pull ourselves into old addictions if we move too far out of the corner we were put in.

It is the Great Mother, the embodied feminine archetype that we resurrect and heal when we own our own embodiment.

The body is matter; matter is the mother.

She is the way home, a home that we emerged from and will return to.

The archetype of the Great Mother spans from the positive, good enough mother, to the negative mother, absent mother, and the death mother. These are the internalized energies that unconsciously come into play when we begin to draw our true self down into the bones of our being and move out into the world.

There are as many faces of the mother as there are souls on this planet. This is why your embodiment is yours alone. The consciousness you came here to transform and the gifts you came here to embody are truly unique to your entire path in life from the way you were mothered, to the way you sit inside the mother of your own body, to the way you mother yourself.

Your embodiment is a way you will feel, taste, hear, sense, know, express, and do your thing in the world. It is all lovable, worthy, and good. Any place that gets crunchy or scary is because it simply hasn’t been loved yet.

Healing the un-mothered heart empowers all of us to stay true to our true north, whatever that is for us. And, it is all okay.

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