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January 19, 2020

8 Ways To Connect With Your Unborn Baby

During pregnancy, mothers are often looking forward to establish a connection with their baby, and even though physical connection usually occurs around 18-24 weeks of pregnancy, when the mother starts feeling her baby’s movements, the emotional connection was established much earlier than that. There are 8 simple ways that I recommend for you to use and start experiencing your intimate connection with your unborn baby:

1. Massage Your Bump
Even if you are not feeling your baby, your baby is already inside of you and very sensitive to your touch and emotions. Massaging your belly during pregnancy, particularly during the first three months helps you unfold and strengthen the bond between you and your baby. It will also possibly make you stop what you are doing and help you relax.

2. Talk to Your Baby
I know that in the beggining this seems a little awkward to some women, but research has proven that after 22-23 weeks your baby can hear sounds from within and outside your womb. Besides that, your baby is always very sensitive to the emotions you are in, so talking with your baby helps you to express your feelings and share your daily activities. Your baby will become more and more familiar with your voice and tones, reinforcing the bond between both of you.

3. Practice Slow and Deep Breathing
Each emotional state is connected with a different rhythm of our breath. Slow and deep breath induce calmness and peace of mind and also stimulate a full relaxation of the body. After just 5 minutes you will feel reenergized and revigorated. What a great way to connect with your baby!

4. Keep a scan of your baby handy
A good way to strengthen your bond with your baby in the early stages of your pregnancy is to have a copy of your scan report with you in a place where you can see it often. It will make you smile, take a few moments to think about your new journey as a mother and share good feelings with your baby.

5. Take a conscious pause
During the day make the conscient decision to take breaks to bond with your baby and think about the good things that you would like to share with him or her in the present and in the future moments. Taking time to just be there for your baby reinforces the bond and sends a message to your unborn baby that he matters, that you care, and that he is wanted.

6. Practice prenatal yoga
This practice will help your body and mind get ready for childbirth. You will combine different postures and breathing techniques that will help you release tension, return to calm, be prepared for labor and recover from it, and also connect deeply with your baby inside.

7. Go for a walk in nature
This is also a time in a woman’s life when she is deeply connected with the forces of nature, inspiring life inside of herself. Walking in nature reinforces your feminine side and improves sensibility and intuition. Touch a tree, smell a flower, take off your shoes and feel the earth. Pregnant women are also a manifestation of the Universal Mother Nature, and this will make you feel more connected with yourself and your baby.

8. Don’t be so hard on yourself
Women often neglect their needs while pregnant and tend to be very hard on themselves when things don’t go according to plan. You are not lazy, you’re pregnant, and you need to slow down your life to be able to increase your awareness and connect deeply with your baby. So prioritize what is really important, taking good care of yourself, will help you have a much better bond with your little one.

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