January 23, 2020

January 24th New Moon in Aquarius: a time for Emotional Fresh Beginnings.


*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Plucking myself from the anticipation of beginning a new decade, and the heaviness of cosmic activity thus far, I raise my head in defiance of the feeling that each day has been as three: intense, expectant, deliriously demanding.

We shuffle through with feet barely lifting off the ground, gaining equilibrium as the moon has been waning, dragging us deeper into the lair of the dark moon, the priestess Luna crooking her finger, cackling as we come closer, deeper and deeper, until we pause and surrender, drop to our knees, let our foreheads touch the soil, and fall into a dream of tomorrow.

Our process since the moon has been waning after the last full moon has been to clear, reevaluate, make room, ponder, and align. The year began as each year does, with high hopes, though amplified by the advent of a new decade.

But so many of us have felt the planetary brakes pumping, reminding us through the Pluto/Saturn conjunction of January 12th, that slow and steady does the trick. Practicing presence and intention has become vital wisdom.

The new moon in Aquarius, rising January 24th at 4:42 p.m. ET, brings back flow, and allows us to draw from a deeper well.

Aquarius, the water bearer, albeit an air sign, is the release we so poignantly need after taskmaster Capricorn, who has been relentless in keeping our nose to the grindstone as far as our inner work has been concerned.

This is exactly the right atmosphere for shedding tears, shedding skins, releasing pent-up anxiety, breathing deeper breaths. Fill up on the refreshing air of Aquarius.

Connect with your inner landscape, beloveds. The purpose of the Dark Moon before the Crescent New Moon is to rest in what is, before we can cast new intentions. Every moon cycle offers this small break in activity before we propel again.

The first new moon of 2020 is influenced by the fact that Aquarius is square with Uranus, its ruling planet, making emotions at this time unpredictable and possibly volcanic in nature. Unexpected changes may be on the horizon, if not already shaking the ground beneath your feet. However, this alignment also brings freedom and vision—a revolution of sorts.

Saturn, another ruler of Aquarius, (authoritarian, structured energy) already in bed with Pluto (lord of the underworld), has been that slow, composting energy we’ve been feeling. It’s been neither pleasant nor comfortable. Aquarius is the balance, however—that river of hope we’ve been needing! So even if tears cascade, emotions break over the banks of that river, even if anger explodes and thunder strikes, it may be the perfect storm that we’ve been craving.

The new moon is a somewhat strange period that cusps over endings and beginnings. We get naked during this time, vulnerable. The seeds we cast this moon may not be harvestable until the year’s end, but I do believe that the spiritual changes we are experiencing now are monumental, and we may be unravelling and rebuilding until the end of 2020. We may not see the rhyme or reason of things until months have passed and our physical form catches up with our subconscious or vice versa.

Picture, at the new moon: three witches, stirring their communal cauldron, awakening upheaval. They howl at the sky, Uranus responds…the village awakens, uncertain at first, searching for familiar tools to guide their way onto the village green.

Your best tools at this time are deep rest, grounding, and connecting with the Great Mother. This is how we prepare for action.

When the Earth, sun, and moon are in alignment, the Earth and our tides are both at their highest and lowest. Which, undoubtedly, is why we fluctuate so heavily in our emotions.

The new moon is a rebirth, a reincarnation, a courageous leap forward. Over and over, each month we have a new resource to work with, a new chance to look back on what we wish we had done differently and being anew.

This moon is especially poised for transformation, as Uranus is exalted (at its strongest, most creative placement) in Scorpio. This river is ready to flow! The maiden moon while virginal and innocent, is also eager and unedited. Feel her youthful abundance, go with the flow.

This next week: 

24th through 25th: any kind of releasing, banishing, tapping into intuition, making space.

26th through 31st: conceptualize and clarify vision, sprouts dream seeds, declare your intentions.


New Moon Mantra:

I am restored and on the edge of possibility

I relinquish the past and look with purpose to the future

I am whole in my becoming, rich in my soul-scape

I welcome abundance, transformation, and am ready to receive

My path is sacred

A new cycle begins

And so it is


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Read 2 comments and reply

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