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February 7, 2020

Preconceived Notions; written by a Scorpio

You can’t see what’s in my heart,
even if you hear my words.

Words can be fumbled, thoughts may come out mumbled. While I practice clarity of speech, try not to preach at ME, who you think I AM. For you are not me, and therefore cannot see what makes me the being that I am. Only I get that power. No amount of explanation from myself to another about who I am, can give them the 100% exact measurements of understanding. This is where acceptance comes into play.

Acceptance is where love is found.
Education and practice create change.
Art and expression are where creativity is found.

We are the center of all of that.

The center of us, withholds the Universe.

The Universe is a mass of energy, through which everything flows. Just as the words out of my mouth.

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