February 27, 2020

Scientists Have Discovered a New “Erogenous Zone.” {Adult}

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital recently announced the discovery that the misfiring of nerves in the sacral nervous system is responsible for a rare condition called persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), in which the sufferer experiences involuntary orgasm and sexual desire.

It turns out, some of the patients in the study had lesions on the base of their spine. When the lesions were removed, the involuntary orgasms stopped. Another of the patients in the study had a herniated disk a little higher up the spine.

As someone who has practiced inner orgasm and edging for years, and written about it here, I was not surprised by this discovery.

The practice of inner orgasm originates in Tantric and Taoist traditions from Asia. You might have heard about “raising the Kundalini.” The image of the serpent coiled around the base of the spine is a familiar trope of this yogic technique:

The idea of the Eastern teaching is that you pull the orgasm from the genitals, through the root chakra at the base of the spine, and up through the other chakras until it is released in the crown chakra, in the head.

In my own Western practice of edging and inner orgasming, I found myself discarding the chakra imagery. I simply pulled my orgasm up from my genitals and let it release in my brain.

But this discovery that there are nerves in the spine that “communicate” orgasm to the brain has led to a breakthrough in my own inner orgasm.

Now I concentrate on the lower part of my spine, in the lower back, and can experience an orgasmic pleasure for more than an hour at a time. After about an hour, I found that the brain was overloaded with whatever chemicals it secretes during orgasm, and the feeling was no longer orgasmic. It was pleasurable, peaceful, but not aroused.

I am still disregarding the idea of “moving the energy up through the chakras.” The discovery of this “orgasm nerve” in the spine means that the orgasm doesn’t travel up through “energy” centers, it travels up through the nervous system instantaneously to the brain.

The breakthrough for me is that using my old system, the orgasms were only a minute or so in length because I was using my genitals and sexual pleasure in the genitals.

This nerve in the spine needs no genital stimulation, squeezing, or anything. The orgasm in the poor patients that suffered from PGAD began in the spinal nerve, completely bypassing the genitals. Yours can too.

One of the best ways to practice this technique, I have found, is during jogging. I hate jogging, but of course, it is good for weight loss and heart health so I try to do it.

Well, let me tell you, I love jogging now.

I think it’s the downward pressure on the spine that makes the technique work so well during jogging. I’m running on pavement. Pounding my spine down into my pelvis. Pressure is naturally applied to the orgasm nerves in the spine. (Who knows—maybe the orgasm nerve is a factor in the so-called “runner’s high”).

The Technique

1. Empty your mind.
First, you need to empty your mind so that the orgasm has a space to occupy. I empty my mind using the image of a valve on a drain. I open the valve and all my thoughts and feelings go out of the drain. It takes about a minute for everything that occupies my mind to drain out. Now I am ready.

2. Focus on the base of your spine.
Don’t worry about specific vertebrae or finding exactly the right spot. The place on the spine where the orgasm nerves were found varied from patient to patient—which indicates that there are many nerves in the spine that communicate the orgasm. Your mind will find one.

3. Use abdominal breathing.
In the Qigong that I studied, this was called kidney breathing. You imagine that the breath is not coming into your lungs, but in through either side of your abdomen, where the kidneys are found. This type of breathing is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, which deepens relaxation.

4. Squeeze the lower spine.
Use your back muscles to squeeze the orgasm nerve in your spine. I’m not talking about a stressful squeezing. It’s a light pressure that you need to apply with your muscles to activate the nerve. You must also bear down slightly toward your buttocks to apply the pressure of gravity to get the nerve going.

5. Visualize the channel opening.
In addition to muscles, there are other ways to “talk” to this nerve. I mean, think about it, every nerve in your body is connected through the network to your brain. Who’s in charge of your brain? You are. So send a signal in whatever way you imagine to the nerve.

This is what I visualize:

Picture a hose with a valve. When the valve is vertical, water cannot travel through the hose. But when the valve is switched parallel to the hose, it is open and water can move through.

Imagine that your nerve has a similar “orgasm” switch. When your genitals have an orgasm, the nerves get the signal to open the switch and let that orgasm pass to the brain.

You can simply open that valve with your mind. And let the orgasm flood your brain.

The greatest pleasure possible

Why shouldn’t we have access to this super satisfying pleasure as human beings? You cannot get any higher, I’m telling you. Once you activate this nerve and bring good feelings into your brain, you are in a place no drug or drink can bring you—pure ecstasy.

And the good thing is, you didn’t even have to take your clothes off.

I work at Starbucks. It’s fine. But sometimes it sucks. I’m on my feet all day, and it gets stressful during the rushes.

But being on my feet is good for this practice. I have gravity on my side, pushing down toward the floor, helping me squeeze my lower spine, and helping me have a secret orgasm while I make your Frappucino.

That’s right, I’m cumming and cumming as the whip cream spurts into your cup. It’s quite awesome.

Like I said, after about an hour, the ecstasy disperses. If I wait for another hour, I can start again. It’s like a little refractory period. So, do the math, for an eight-hour shift, I had four hours of ecstasy. The other four hours I am very content, kind of postcoital.

“What drug are you on,” a coworker asked me the other day. “I want some.”

Well, this is the drug.

With Your Partner During Sex

This is really great during slow sex. You see, I start cumming inside even during the foreplay when my partner caresses me. Then, during penetration, when I am approaching a vaginal or clitoral orgasm, I can activate this nerve in my spine and stay on the edge of that orgasm for as long as I wish.

Another thing I am experimenting with is having my partner rub me on the spot in my spine where I think the “nerve” is centered. I have experienced really interesting feelings while she does this.

That’s why I say it must be a new erogenous zone because, in addition to being responsible for communicating orgasm to the brain, it seems to be a place that can be sexually stimulated all on its own.

The fact that this orgasm nerve exists in the human body reminds me of something Sigmund Freud observed in infants. It seemed to him that an infant takes pleasure from its entire body. Rolling around seemed to send it into heights of sensual pleasure. It was something that he termed “polymorphous perversion.” The whole body is a sexual organ. As we grow up, however, we are socialized to repress much of the sexual pleasure that the body provides, and localize sexual pleasure in the genitals.

Doing this exercise, you will soon see that the orgasmic energy can be brought from your brain back down the front of your body, where your throat, your breasts, your belly, and then your genitals can experience the pleasure too. This is what the Taoists called the recirculation of the orgasmic energy.

Stimulating the orgasm nerve in your spine works the same for men as it does for women. So don’t waste another minute, people. Give yourself some ecstasy today!


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