February 22, 2020

We Should all Watch James Blunt’s New Music Clip with his Dying Father.

I don’t remember the last time I sobbed over a music clip.

Today, I definitely cried my heart out when I watched James Blunt’s new music video. There are so many emotions in it that I repeatedly watched it and ruminated on the lyrics.

Charles Blount—James’s father—has been diagnosed with stage four chronic kidney disease. On an Instagram post last month, James announced that his father’s kidneys are only functioning at 11 percent, and, with that realization, he needed to tell him that he loves him.

In his new song “Monsters,” James Blunt addresses his father and surprisingly makes an appearance with him in his music video. Throughout the song, we see one close-up shot of James and another wide one with his father.

What I didn’t expect to see, however, was James Blunt breaking down into tears as he sings. “Monsters” couldn’t have possibly been more raw, authentic, and emotional. Be it James’s teary eyes or his father holding his arm, this clip moved me in so many ways.

Realizing our parents’ mortality is undoubtedly terrifying. I don’t remember being so scared of losing my parents when I was a child. As kids, we’re overwhelmed with education, friends, and career—we’re less concerned about family and more focused on ourselves. Only when we grow older and begin to see marks of transience on our parents can we understand that they’re not staying here forever.

And it hits hard. It hits me every day when I come to think of the day I will lose one of them. So many questions come to my mind when I ruminate their loss: Have I loved them enough? Have I served them well? Have I given them what they have given me? Most importantly, as James Blunt said, “Have we told them that we love them?”

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, James shared how everyone on the set was crying except for his father who was fairly relaxed. His father asked him, “Why are you crying? I’m still here.”

I know I’ve heard this coming from my parents whenever my emotions get the best of me. It’s true they’re still alive, but the loss of a parent is excruciating.

I can’t imagine what it feels like to lose a parent. For those who have experienced it, I appreciate your strength. As for the ones with living parents, I hope you appreciate them. James Blunt couldn’t have said it any better in his lyrics:

“Before they turn off all the lights
I won’t read you your wrongs or your rights”

He continues in the second part:

“No need to forgive, no need to forget
I know your mistakes and you know mine”

What he’s really saying is that when the time comes to lose someone, mistakes don’t matter. We’re not perfect, we’ve all done wrong, but what really matters is the love we give while this person is still alive.

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