March 8, 2020

A Self-Love Message for Each Sign: Full Moon in Virgo, Retrograde & those Equinoxes. {March 9-20}

Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed

We’re coming into a supercharged, highly emotive time of understanding our worth.

The events influencing this Full Moon in Virgo are: Mercury stationing direct on March 10th, Sun in Pisces, and the emerging energy of Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere on March 19th, and the Autumnal Equinox in Southern on the 20th.

Although we experience a full moon each month, and it may seem that the successive ebbing and flowing all runs into each other, if we pay close attention to our emotions, we can feel the medicine of each moon as distinctly pertinent to the present moment.

Virgo is a planner, a perfectionist, an earthy, sensible sign that will surely hold us securely as our internal tides flush toward fullness. The energy of Equinox is also incredibly balancing, bringing perspective to the ups and downs of life; it is a restful energy even as it surges into a new season.

Mercury finally stations direct phasing into its post shadow, releasing some of the pressure we’ve been under. This retrograde taught me to not get my knickers in a twist about every miscommunication, and there have been a fair share these last weeks! I wonder what your journey has been with Mercury; has it been a sinner or a saint?

Pisces the dreamer and escapist is hardly grounding, but under Neptune’s bottomless reservoir of kindness and compassion, leads us in the direction of self-love.

We are being offered an opportunity to see our own worth, to re-evaluate past steps, to hold onto what we know is true and shift the seasons of our lives.

Full Moon in Virgo and how we activate its energy in our cells will color the rest of 2020. Full Moon is Mother Moon. It gestates, births, nurtures, but on the other side of fullness, asks us to find our own feet, to accept responsibility for ourselves. The distance between being cradled and thrown out of the nest can be jarring. Full Mother Moon can be difficult. You may be feeling the intensity.

Later this month, the sun will move into the sign of Aries, a new beginning to the zodiacal year. Let’s take these last days of the previous astrological cycle and the illumination of Mother Moon to gain confidence about next steps.

So what will it be for each sign?


You are leading the charge, opening pathways for the rest of the zodiac. Remember that not everyone may understand your enthusiasm or see your intention to be inclusive when you take off on the path alone with the rest of the crowd trying to keep up. You need to fly, to keep the cosmic energy moving. Be intentional at the same time, about mindfulness and compassion for others. It’s okay to be soft. Your big heart is one of your best assets. Channel some of your wild energy into sex—or any creative pursuit, really.


You are in your element at this time. Your earthiness is a great gift to those around you. They may even see it as not the usual stubbornness but as a safe place of solace. Find balance and airiness by launching projects, taking a new lover, making spontaneous decisions. Your faithfulness and reliability is extremely valuable to the planet at this time, so go ahead, love yourself as you are. Take care of your heart chakra. Make plans to nurture the part of you that is often overlooked by others. Your strength sometimes appears as aloofness, and your tribe may not notice the wounding within your soul. Restore in what you know best, the solid earth beneath your feet.


As Mercury stations direct, you find that the flow of life becomes more in line with what you’re comfortable with. Change is great, but so is coming into balance. You’ve been on a long journey to yourself and finally you can breathe the fresh air of homeostasis. Even Gemini gets frustrated with its ruling planet. Ease into the next few months gently. You know who you are, and it is enough. Your versatility and adaptability finds solid ground in listening to your own voice. Intuition is your ally. In relationships, ask for what you need. Use your voice to create soulful environments, because nothing else will do in 2020.


Mother Moon is Cancer’s richest soil. You excel at holding space for others. Hold equal space now for yourself. The medicine of this moon is to allow yourself to receive. It’s okay to ask for help, to let go of the reins, to let others mother the tribe. You’ve been soaking up everyone’s energy; you are water, movable—the flow of the Universe. Take a moment to release some of what you’ve absorbed. It’s important that you take the time now to restore. It’s not selfish. The rest of the year will unfold with ease after this period of self-love.


Your potential is beckoning! There is so much for you yet to explore within yourself; you have all that you need in this moment to take the plunge. You are talented at seeing clearly what others should do, now turn that magic onto yourself. You can’t protect your heart forever, it’s safe to take some risks. Family, love, and money will fall into place when you let your radiance shine. After all, this is your gift, warming others with your solar energy. You are happiest when you are creating, allow this moon to illuminate your visions.


There’s no need to apologize. You’re freaking fabulous. Take a hot minute to do some mirror work. Just spend some time looking at yourself and appreciating your own beauty. Your journey is often outward, doing this and that, perfecting systems, being efficient, creating form and substance. This full moon, enjoy the ethereal, the not so solid side of things. Maybe take a trip to an ocean or a river or lake. Watch the flow. Breathe.


Love, for yourself, others, the planet is at the forefront now. Libran energy is fortifying, calm, harmonious—exactly what this world needs today. Remember that your scales may not always be balanced, even though everyone expects them to be. Allow room for chaos this moon. Be open to ideas that usually would send you running. If an opportunity has come up to shake up your life and plans, consider it. Try not to lean too hard into idealism now, just follow your instincts. Avoid procrastinating, though; Virgo moon will push the envelope and demand you complete what you started.


Even though Scorpio loves to hermit in the shadows, a priestess of the Underworld, she benefits from allowing others in once in a while. This moon, create some connections. Perhaps that secret moon ritual you were contemplating could actually be a house gathering, yes your house, because you do love sharing in the eclectic energy of others. As with any full moon, set aside time to truly honor the path you’ve been on. It’s been up and down, but worth every effort. Know that you are truly magical, and that your life has exponential meaning.


Full moon is illuminating, and for Sagittarius, that is truly on point because she loves integrity. You can see dishonesty a mile away, but this moon, all your intensity must be turned inward. What relationships need overhauling and where have you been pretending things work when they don’t? Where could you improve your relationship with yourself, or delay a little? You are good at expanding and facing challenges. This month your superpower is your aim, as long as it is pointed at things that pertain to you.


This is not a time for limitations or glass-half-empty ruminations. Capricorn can use this moon to lay everything out in the open, speak their truth, and expect the best outcome—no matter what that looks like in the moment. Your soul spark is knowing next steps, and this moon may indeed show them to you. Being in control and making a good impression is your standby, but if you can take a risk this moon, let it be that the chaos may hold more answers than a carefully built reputation. Your brilliance is in your ability to engage your inner child the older you become. Let her play.


It may feel tense under this moon, but soon you will feel the fresh breeze of everything falling into place. Just this last push, a few more steps, a bit more water under the bridge. You’re unpredictable and original. Virgo moon offers a bit of grounding. Let your mind rest. Your independence may seem at risk, but there is a silver lining to the upcoming changes you face. Allow Luna to be the birthing place of your dreams. Feeling can be overwhelming, but it is the only way for you. Cry if you need to, great big buckets of tears. You won’t drown, because you understand flow.


Are you feeling the extremes in your life right now? Soon it will be your season. Accept whatever solid ground Virgo offers right now. Literally dig in the dirt if you must. You are the visionary and contain this energy for the whole planet, not only for yourself. This moon, your emotions are your ally. Do some excavating into what is real for you and what is not. Drop all pretenses about situations that need resolving. Unpleasant situations may not be your thing, but you are better at problem-solving than you think. Heart first is your best bet.

Big love to you, Wild Ones!


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