March 5, 2020

Share this with any good human tempted to sit out, helping Trump grab another 4 years by the p***y.

Share this with anyone who threatens to sit out and therefore help Trump grab another four years by the p***y:

I was a Beto supporter. Then Warren, all along. Now, Bernie. But if Biden wins, huzzah!

The below are excerpts from a convo with my community:

Bernie supporters who would sit out if he doesn’t win the nomination are acting like spoiled brats. Biden supporters who would sit out if Bernie wins are acting like spoiled brats.

For those who think the DNC doesn’t prefer Bernie: I love Bernie, but the DNC is the party of…Democrats. He’s not a Democrat. He’s not their first choice. They aren’t that powerful, any more, anyways. Bernie’s rocking.

For those who doubt Biden: he may waffle in his speech, but Biden’s sane. He may not be our first pick, but he’ll restore science, climate change, Supreme Court…enough. I’m still pulling for Warren, or Bernie, but happy to have Biden replace Trump.

Biden and Bernie are not the same. Huge differences. I’m with Bernie. But if he loses to Biden, I’ll do everything I can to support Biden. Both are the same in view of Trump.

Connie: The last election (anyone remember 2016) showed how well staying home or voting for a third party worked out. Let’s see how many geniuses can figure it out this time.

Lisa: Vote for whoever wins. Both have fought hard. But democrats need to come together. Most important.(We’re all on the same side, working towards the same goal)

This. Unity. Defeat Trump. Fight climate change. Restore balance to Supreme Court.

Ian: mmhm.. as is said, 2016 was decided by the non-voter.

To those who would sit at home if Biden beats Bernie: shame on you–we don’t have another 4 years to lose with climate change, Supreme Court, democracy, decency. I’ll support Bernie, but if Biden prevails, I’ll do everything I can to make sure he beats Trump.

Miko: 100% the Supreme Court and Roe V Wade lie in the balance this time, thousands of people will be removed from their health care and many will be deported or imprisoned. It’s blue no matter who this time, no joke.


To those who would abstain to vote if Biden wins: you got us Bush, instead of Gore, voting for Nader. You got us Trump, instead of Hillary, voting for Bernie. I’m all in for Bernie now, but if he loses, I’m all in for Biden. That’s a no-brainer.

This applies to Bernie and Biden, equally:

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