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March 15, 2020

Mind your germs. Mind your negativity.

While we’re all paying more attention to washing our hands, social distancing and self-quarantining, there’s one sneaky way we are contaminating each other. It’s through our communication and conversations. Negativity, fear and anxiety multiplies. (Likewise for positivity, joy and happiness).

Why is it important we become aware of the negative energy?
Continued stress on the body can lower your immune system.  If you’re taking all of the precautionary measures in your cleanliness, why aren’t we as rigorous with creating boundaries in reducing our stress? How can we support ourselves and each other with more care?

Yes, we are in stressful times and we’re all doing our best to manage all of this uncertainty. More than ever, even in our isolation, we still need to connect.

I actually attempted to unsuccessfully connect this morning by joining a virtual group. While this group in the past has been positive and forward thinking in shifting the energy, I only lasted a few minutes because the conversation started with the warnings and need to prepare. I was already feeling anxious and did not like how it was being exacerbated by listening. I excused myself and logged off.

Great, now what? I felt worse. I had some decisions to make; choose to wallow in that or choose something that would make me feel better. I chose to go for a walk on this beautiful day. The mission: focus on anything good. The reality? I ended up writing the following tips for two reasons. One, as a reminder to myself. Two, prevent the spreading of more negativity.

A few tips:

Want to vent your fear and worry? Please ask first. If not, it’s like you’re sneezing and vomiting your germs onto someone else. If you’re both in agreement to have the conversation and go there, please agree beforehand what you’re going to do to support each other at the end of the conversation as you individually find some peace and positivity.

Catch your negativity before it escalates. Just like those symptoms that show up when you’re feeling sick, there is an equivalent when negativity, fear or anxiety arise. You know when those feelings start to show up in your body. Do you feed it or get into action in managing it? What measures can you put into place to help yourself? What are your known soothing activities? Maybe invite a friend to virtually share in the similar activity?

Negativity spreads like the virus you’re trying to avoid. As you gather, you’re only fortifying it within yourself. You’ll leave that conversation even more empowered to spread the message to another. In this sense, is sharing truly caring?

Negative distancing. This one is a bit tricky and at your discretion. Do you stay in the negative space or try to shift it?
If you have the energy to try shift it, go for it. You’ll know best what is right for you in the moment.
If you need to jet, excuse yourself. It’s not rude. It’s your health. It’s preventative. You don’t need to add more fuel to the fire. If you need permission, you have it. Thank you, next.

Sharing news and information. Let’s not play a very bad game of telephone. If you must share, site official sources for current information. Again, please ask first. Respect the other party enough to seek out the information and make their choice. (Obviously, use your judgement on what’s critical to share).

Nobody truly knows what’s in store, however what we do know is that there’s an opportunity to take care of each other by supporting others from a healthy and positive place through minding both our germs and energy. We have a choice. Which will you choose?

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