March 25, 2020

Growth Doesn’t come Easy: How to actually get the Life you Want.

Shift doesn’t come easy. Growth doesn’t come easy.

You keep doing the same thing every day and expect changes to fall in your lap.

I know, I did it for a long time too. I expected my outer world to become more positive and abundant but didn’t want to make any conscious efforts to shift within myself.

Wishing my dreams would come true, but not putting the work in to fulfill them.

I had to get off my high horse and surrender to the process.

It wasn’t easy. But, how could I expect my situation to change for the better if I didn’t put the work in?

It’s because you don’t try.

That’s the biggest problem with people nowadays. We want to get somewhere but want it through an easy solution, a quick fix.

It just doesn’t work like that.

The life you want comes through inspired action.

The life you want is waiting, already existing in a certain realm, and the only way you can get there is to step through all the right doors.

Sounds overwhelming, right?

Only slightly.

So, how do you know which doors to walk through? Which choices will lead you where you want to go?

You don’t.

You just have to keep putting the next foot forward. Trusting that you’ll be led exactly where you need to be.

You must surrender to the balance between ease and effort so that you’re trying, but not too hard.

Sound complicated?

It’s not.

It’s super simple.

The key is that you actually have to take the steps. And, before that, get quiet enough to hear them.

You see, you’ve pushed your inner voice down for so long—claiming its invalidity, or “woo-ness”—to the point where it thinks you don’t want to hear it.

The trick is to get quiet.

You have to learn to listen.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “We’ve got two ears for listening because it’s twice as important as talking.” Well, one of those ears if for the heart.

Let it all spill out.
Let it bleed.
Let it heal.

Let it feel safe again to tell you the innermost secrets of your highest self.

Let it reveal your dreams and your goals and all the steps to get there.

And then, complete the actions.

Do the things.

Stop sitting around saying, “It’s not time yet.”

It’s f*cking time. 

Stop saying, “I’m not good enough yet.”

Yes, you f*cking are!

For god’s sake, stop slinking back into your unworthiness and realize that you deserve every single bit of what you’re going to achieve.

You are divine perfection in human form.
You are nothing short of miraculous.
You are god in human form.

Embody it.


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