April 8, 2020

4 Working-from-Home Tips to stay Sane & Productive.

Working from home is an oft sought-after state of being.

But, in light of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, it is quickly becoming many people’s stark reality.

Ready or not, for the health of the nation, many of us are having to adapt to a whole new way of living and working. That is why, during these turbulent times, it is incredibly important to ensure you are working smart. This means ensuring your health is still at the forefront of your mind.

A pandemic may be loose, but you still need to maintain your personal well-being even when isolating as much as possible.

Also, it’s important to remember that working from home presents a lot of positives and opportunities as well. Keep your health up and motivation in place; it can actually be a great experience.

So, with that in mind, here are some key working-from-home tips that will work to keep your health in tip-top shape during these trying times:

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Working in your comfort zone is not ideal. And it can really cramp your mental and overall well-being, as you struggle to differentiate between work and fun. That is why it can be so important to ensure you carve out a specific space to work for yourself.

A good workspace is one that isn’t somewhere you naturally spend a lot of time relaxing. So, if the dining room is somewhere you have the occasional meal, then this is a good example. Of course, for many people, a spare room is ideal to convert into a quick home office.

You don’t need a desk and a state-of-the-art desk chair to feel comfortable either. If this is just a temporary measure, then a makeshift solution is also acceptable.

A makeshift desk can be almost anything and everything. But, you want to ensure that your health isn’t compromised during this time. So, always ensure that your back is supported and you aren’t cramped or leaning over for hours at a time.

Keep Moving

An inactive lifestyle is terrible for your long-term health. Which is why it is so so important to maintain some level of movement, even while working from home. You shouldn’t neglect your normal exercise routine, though you may no longer be able to go to the gym at this time. 

Some good ways to keep active during this time can include taking a walk at lunchtimes, or at any other part of the day. It gets you up and helps you be more active during an otherwise sedentary day.

And if walks are difficult to achieve, if you are in full lockdown, then you can try cleaning more. Yes, it may surprise you, but cleaning is a great form of exercise for those suffering from a lack of activity. Gardening, too, can be good for your body if you have a little patch of green to care for during this time.

Try and think outside of the box if necessary. You may be stuck inside, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with no movement.

Follow a Routine

Routine is actually incredibly important to our health, especially mental. If you fail to keep up with a solid routine during this prolonged period of isolation, then you may find yourself becoming down and depressed. This is where it becomes vital to ensure you are keeping yourself in as much of a routine as humanly possible.

Keep getting up at a reasonable time, get working, have your lunch and breaks as normal, and finish at your usual endpoint. The more typical your day is, the easier the transition will be. And better yet, a routine helps us to remain mentally stable. 

Supplement When Needed

During this period, all of your typical dietary needs may not be available. People are panic-buying, supplies are running short, and some things will have to go without. Therefore, keeping yourself as healthy as possible at this point is important. This is where health supplements can become vital.

A good multivitamin or various other supplements can be used to help support your diet during this time where it may be lacking essential nutrients. Being stuck inside, it may also be an ideal time to get more vitamin D in your system to avoid any issues a lack of natural sunlight may present or take a daily high-strength fish oil capsule to support blood pressure and skin health.

It’s all about knowing you will be lacking certain things and preparing ahead of time. The more prepared you are, the easier your body will be able to cope with this massive change.

Final Thoughts

Overall, staying healthy means staying at home right now. Not just for yourself, but to avoid spreading the virus to others as well. The vulnerable in our society need this isolation to work. So, keep yourself working at home if it’s possible.

But don’t forget about your own health needs as you do so. Be active, know how to keep yourself in a safe routine, and you will get through this.

And better yet, everyone you love will too.

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