April 9, 2020

Maybe one day, 2,000 Sunrises from Now.


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Maybe one day, 2,000 sunrises from now, we will gaze back in time through a lens unimaginably different than the one we peer through on this day.

Once the fear has washed over us completely. Once the anxiety has settled. Once the grief has been lived in fully.

Once we make peace with the unavoidable hurt and adversity that some will not have the luxury of simply reframing in a more positive light.

Once the healing happens.

Maybe on that day, we will have stretched our hearts wide enough to hold both. To hold the hurting and the blessing.

Maybe we will look back and see through the eyes of a heart that holds the compassionate yet leathered lens of a wise elder.

Maybe we will look back and remember this time not only as the time that time stood still while life as we knew it broke down, but also as the time when life as we knew it broke open.

The time when we took the time to take long walks. To plant flowers in our gardens. To be home with our families. To check-in with our loved ones more often than before.

The time we reexamined the unsustainable pace of our unrelenting striving toward a fulfillment that dwells outside of ourselves.

Maybe we will look back upon this time as the sacred time our Mother Earth received her healing. When the moon and the stars became brighter, and the air felt more crisp in our grateful lungs. And the birds sang songs of splendor while the dolphins swam into the rivers.

Maybe we will gaze back upon this time as the time we learned to live as one. Together in bonds unbreakable. When we let no one fall through the cracks. No one.

When we chose support and caring over fear and competition. When we not just knew, but felt—deep into the marrow of our more fragile bones—that we are indeed in this together. And this knowing in turn made those very same bones stronger than ever.

Maybe one day, 2,000 sunrises from now, we will look back upon this time and we will peer through the clearest lens we’ve gazed through yet, and come to see that as much as it may have felt like we were falling into isolation and staying home that we were, in reality, awakening to our connection, and coming home.

Maybe. Just maybe. 2,000 sunrises from now.



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