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April 5, 2020

Something I Learned From Being A Dancer, A Self Reflection Piece, Tressa Meyer.

Dude some people make me want to delete them everyday too so I get it. It’s always a personal issue though. Almost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Whether it be in real life or online.

I think more people should be able to admit that. It would be cause for self awareness, self control and positive changes.

Not every time we admit to our flaws is it “negative self talk…” Sometimes, it’s self awareness.

For example, I love that we can share stories and articles and photos and art ideas, but I hate that people can just “steal your ideas.” They can even steal your photo or try to steal your image.

Plagiarism is more difficult to detect, reality is more difficult to detect. I love advanced photo apps and filters, and social media, but sometimes it bothers me when other people get more credit for things I did originally.

Another wonder I have, is if they may think that due to a filter being on a photo, the person themselves may be less beautiful somehow…based on whatever reason that may be? Or they may wonder if the persons experiences are real because photoshop and green screens exist. Life is becoming more interesting each day, and I learn new things all of the time.

Beauty goes beyond perfected appearances.

Co-creation and collective consciousness are extremely  beautiful, and constantly ever present, but when and where is the line drawn?

It’s a personal hang up and it doesn’t always happen, thank goodness! But…why does it happen? A further analysis…

This has been something that’s been bothering me for a long time, but I can’t change it, I can only accept it, and it will change on its own; no matter how many people I meet, even if I’m the first one to introduce somebody else to a topic, fact, or an artistic idea, if they reach the masses before me, and are more well known, I’m still risking being discredited or seen as less than or not even seen. (Not always the case, just an example).

Maybe I am meant to watch from the sidelines? I was a cheerleader in high school. (Eye roll). That’s typically what they do. Cheer on the main event.

However, I also have the tendency to clear a room when I dance, even though I don’t necessarily want that spotlight in that moment….but I was kicked out of my last dance group, and had my solos taken away due to petty reasons…. That was a time period where I did want the spotlight, because I had been told I was to have it and I extensively prepared for it…

Life is seriously weird and cheerleading made me a better dancer. Haha.

I firmly believe that we come into our own, (individually typically), because that is a representation of gaining our own individuality, and the branch or structure we represent on the tree of life, despite how similar and connected we all truly are.

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At the end of the day, I’m just glad I have enough time to be alone and self reflect, so that I can perfect my skills and abilities before I do go back into some sort of spotlight.

At least I took the time to look over who I am and why things bother me without fully blaming myself or others.

That is true growth. I don’t need the spotlight to survive and I don’t need the people who try to steal it from me, just because I have it.

Something I learned from being a dancer: I don’t need validation, I just need an audience, and even if that were absent, the show must go on.

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