May 21, 2020

3 Simple Acupressure Points for Instant Calm.

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Taking time to relax and wind down after a long day is vital for our health and well-being. 

But if our mind is spinning and we’re feeling stressed, anxious, or frustrated, it isn’t always so easy. Using acupressure points on ourselves can be a great way to calm the mind and relax our body.

According to Chinese Medicine, we have energy channels (meridians) running through our bodies. Along these meridians, there are hundreds of acupressure points. Each one pertains to a specific organ and function in the body. By applying pressure to specific acupressure points, we can rebalance our body’s energy. They stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of relaxation.

Here are three simple acupressure points that can help us relax whenever we feel stressed, anxious, or frustrated:

1. Yin Tang

This is one of the best acupressure points for stress, tension, anxiety, and sleep. It is located between the eyebrows. Using one or two fingers, gently apply light to medium pressure or stroke this point in an upward, sweeping motion. Close the eyes, take five deep belly breaths, and notice how the mind begins to relax. Pause and repeat this three times before moving on to the next point.

2. LR3

This point can be used for calming emotions, especially frustration. This point is located on the top of our feet. Place a finger between the first and second toe, running it up until reaching a bone that naturally stops the finger. Apply light to medium pressure while taking five deep belly breaths. Repeat this three times before moving on to the next point.

3. KI1 

This is a grounding point that also helps calm the mind and relieve anxiety. Located on the soles of the feet. Apply pressure to this point. Have fun with it and make it a foot massage! Focus on breathing and massage for as long as it feels comfortable.

Try these acupressure points whenever the mind and body need a little nudge to relax. Please keep in mind that using these points should never be painful or cause discomfort. We should always listen to our bodies, never do anything that feels wrong, and seek professional advice if we’re struggling. 

Remember to be kind to yourself and allow plenty of time for self-care.

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