May 14, 2020

6 Ways to Keep the Magic Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship.


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Relationships, in general, are never easy.

Making them work takes a lot of effort and work. The number one reason why most relationships fail is the lack of communication. This is especially true for long-distance relationships. 

However, complicated long-distance relationships are the thing of the past. With the ever-evolving technological advancements and different ways of communication, there is no reason for long-distance relationships not to work. 

All that’s needed is a Wi-Fi connection and a scheduled time that works for both parties. Voila! The long-distance communication issue is gone.

Now, let’s dive in and see all the different ways to have a successful long-distance relationship:

1. Making and scheduling a regular time to “be together.”

Living in different time zones can be a nuisance to long-distance relationships. It can be a nuisance, but what it should never be is an obstacle. At first, finding the right time for communication can be a struggle. Both people are busy with their jobs and life—but there is a solution for that, too.

Set a time that is only for the two in the relationship. No distractions. Schedule the calls at that particular time and stick to them. It can be every day or every other day, whatever works. The goal is to stick to that schedule and never skip it!

Skipping or avoiding this scheduled time together can imply that someone is not genuinely interested in making the relationship work.

2. Technology is fundamental.

It’s no secret that only 30 years ago long-distance relationships were much more complicated than today. 

Technology makes life easier in so many different spheres of our lives, so it’s no surprise that it makes our long-distance relationships effortless as well. There are so many options and ways to keep connected—text messages and video calls, whatever we choose.

Sometimes when we’re having a tough day, a voice message or a photo from our significant other is what we need to keep going. That’s how technology keeps relationships alive.

While texting is great, it’s not always the ideal way to keep connected. At some point, it will not be enough, or it will create miscommunication. That’s why it’s essential to balance both text messages, video, and voice calls.

3. Exchange gifts.

If a couple can’t be together physically, they can still make each other feel cared for and important by exchanging gifts. 

An excellent way to do this is by sending physical gifts—care packages that include different types of items or even food. 

If we know that our significant other is having a stressful time at work, what can we do from afar to make them feel relaxed? Maybe send them a spa care package with essential oils and face masks. Think of items that will make them want to take a moment and relax.

Exchanging gifts and showing support is simple enough, and it will mean a lot, especially if we can’t be physically there for them.

4. Find a way to do things together.

Yes, there are creative ways to do things together, even when miles apart. And once again, technology to the rescue. Video calls are a great solution for finding ways to spend time together. 

Watch a movie together, or take a stroll in the park while being together on a video call. Honestly, it’s possible to even go on a date together. Just get creative. In long-distance relationships, creativity is truly a saving grace.

5. Don’t ignore minor issues.

The worst thing that anyone can do is ignore all the small issues that arise in a relationship. Keep in mind that this is something that can happen, no matter how close or far apart a couple is from each other. 

Little issues have a way of turning into huge unresolvable problems if not addressed in time. Talking about serious and important issues is always tricky (even when face-to-face). Imagine how much more difficult it is if the whole situation is happening on the phone.

Regardless of how complex and challenging it may be, the healthiest thing to do is just bite the bullet and bring up uncomfortable topics and issues. Learn to talk about everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s genuinely the only way to have a healthy and open long-distance relationship. 

So, don’t be afraid to address even the smallest of issues before they turn into monster problems.

6. Listen to each other.

Avoiding miscommunication and those above mentioned small issues shouldn’t be complicated. Just listen to each other. While communication is, in fact, the key to a successful relationship, listening to each other is an equally important element. 

We all think that listening is easy, and that is where the most significant problem lies. The important thing is not just to listen but to try to understand, and that is much more complicated than it seems. 

Don’t just listen for the sake of listening, listen to understand—it helps to avoid misunderstandings and arguments. This is important for every relationship, but for a long-distance one even more so. Listen, be sincere and honest, and there can be a success.

 There is absolutely no reason for long-distance relationships not to work out. Communication is the one, singular key. Find time to talk and be open about everything

Don’t be afraid to address any kinds of issues, share gifts, and be creative. Absence does indeed makes the heart grow fonder, but having open, honest, and above all, consistent, conversation makes it even stronger.

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