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May 17, 2020

The Four Doors To Ambition.

Ambition is a quality someone has as a drive and catalyst to achieve and succeed in whatever they do. It is a quality one must nurture themselves. 

When we lack ambition, it means the end goal is not clear. It can lead to a boring lifestyle. One where everything we do seems meaningless and provides nothing of value, therefore leading to a dull and stagnated life. 

If we were to look at those around the world who have gone to achieve their goals and dreams, a quality that stands out is ambition. Something which they nurtured themselves, regardless of where they were at life, how many times they failed and dropped to the ground they got back up because they had a clear vision of where they wanted to be. 

Ali is a young man who wants to be a photographer. But he constantly complains and compares himself to others. He has not set a clear goal, each day is as boring as the previous day. Arrogantly he believes he can figure it out himself and does not take the advice or lessons from those better than him or even those who care about him. Worst of all he is not honest with himself about where he is at. He has not done or searched to do photoshoots but complains about having no jobs to do. He just has this dream but passively waits for someone to come remind him to do something with his life, in which he reacts rudely and negatively, therefore he is not open to criticism either. 

If we think about the lifestyle Ali lives, he lacks drive and being active with his dreams and ambitions. He wastes his days and refrains from asking or even learning how to be better in the field he wants to succeed in. 

Ismail is pursuing his dream of being a photographer, each day he reminds himself of his dreams. When he sets a task, he puts his mind to it and completes it. He is at the point in his career of doing shoots for local businesses, charities and constantly contacts potential customers and does not allow hearing no to be taken as a personal attack on him. Most of all he is always learning from experts in his field, has set up his own business, has a portfolio and is open to criticism. 

The difference between Ismail and Ali is that Ismail has taken ownership and responsibility over his life, as well as that one lacks ambition, the other uses its as fuel to continue to improve and grow. 

Ask yourself which one from the two do you resonate with? 

Here I will lay out the four doors to open to begin nurturing and unlocking your ambition. 

The Four Doors

  1. Focus 

Ask yourself these questions; Are you easily distracted? What do you need to remove from your life to focus? You must be honest with yourself. What is your end goal? How will you get there? 

  1. Imagination 

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough” – Muhammad Ali. 

Be ambitious, let your dreams run wild, think realistically but do not settle for something easy, have huge goals and objectives. Allow your imagination to become fuel for any task you set out to do. 

  1. Your team

Who is going to help you get there? You cannot do this alone. Who do you surround yourself with? Who can you rely on? Who can turn to when you do not know what to do and need guidance? Surround yourself with those better than you, those who you can learn from as they will aid your growth and journey. 

  1. Accountability

Hold yourself to a high standard. That when you put your heart and mind to it, you complete any task you set out to do. Do not stop at the first hurdle, be so accountable to yourself that you complete anything without giving up. 

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