May 18, 2020

White Toast. {A Poem}

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Admittedly, the days have continued to run one into another.

Morning toast and coffee, laauundryyy, lunch for kiddos, screentime-playtime-dinnertime, sleep, and repeat.

Quarantine would feel like one long week if it wasn’t for keeping up with my job and online weekly events!

Goals to write a novel, reach enlightenment, and deep clean my storage room loom over my head like the ever-present someday could be today if I would just decide to do it. This often leads me to taking a deep breath.

I’m a basic mom, as my 10-year-old reminds me. And I smile. I pick up my pen and I begin to write:

What about the days you feel so ordinary?

No inspiration to be found?

You tip your hat to some white toast;

Say, “I feel you. We’re not profound.”

You move your normal body;

clean your kitchen and rinse the sink.

You step outside and see the sun.

“My God!” You do then think.

That sun gives life to our earth.

That bread used to be wheat.

By some outstanding miracle—

it grows so you can eat!

We’re tiny dots of life

in our galaxy.

Born to live with truth and love;

our feet bound down by gravity.

If we can just remember

the sacred in the simple—

joy may fill our souls;

Wink at the toast; let out a giggle.



“It’s the simple things in your life that make up the bulk of it. The mundane is where we live and we end up missing most of it. We find it again in the silence and in attention of everyday life.” ~ Eric Overby

“If I have done anything, even a little, to help small children enjoy honest, simple pleasures, I have done a bit of good.” ~ Beatrix Potter

“It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.” ~ Germany Kent

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Read 15 comments and reply

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