June 10, 2020

For the Mothers who have had Enough.

For all the mothers desperate to make a change.

For all the mothers who carry the weight of social, racial, and environmental injustice heavy on their shoulders.

For all the mothers on the front lines with babies in slings, toddlers on their shoulders, and teenagers leading the way.

For all the mothers who long to join their brothers and sisters on the front lines—but who stay at home because they feel that’s what’s best for their kids.

For the mothers who feel like they can’t do enough to help. (Note: You. Are. Enough.)

For the mothers who felt the wrenching gut-punch when they heard George Floyd cry out “Mama.”

For mothers everywhere standing up for Mother Earth.

For mothers everywhere who have had enough.

For the strong, gentle, open-hearted mothers. The exhausted, isolated, overwhelmed mothers. For the mothers who feel they’re failing 10 times before breakfast, who find the self-compassion to forgive themselves and start all over again. For the mothers who give like the earth and love like the sky.

For all those who honour the deep activism of raising children with consciousness in a rapidly changing world. For all those who recognise that motherhood is a badass, advanced spiritual practice deserving of high reverence—and who know it’s time the world got on board with that idea.

For the mothers having the difficult, important conversations.

For the mothers doing the brave, vital, inner and outer work of dismantling centuries of brutality and oppression.

For the mothers learning to love themselves in myriad ways, and the mothers teaching their children love and respect: for themselves, each other, all beings, and our planet.

For the mothers who know a better way is possible—and who are ready to fight for the beautiful future which wants and waits to be born.

For all the mothers who carry the stories, the songs, the bloodlines, and the deep light of hope in their bodies and souls.

For the mothers who refuse to give up.

For all the mothers: this is for you.

Mama Mantra

My body the earth

My children the future

My arms to hold, not harm

My patience the tools

My kind words the bricks

My devotion the foundations

and my love the power

That will build the new world

My children deserve.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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