June 17, 2020

Freedom of Speech—but Don’t be Too Loud. {Poem}

Like many others, I’ve been watching in despair as recent events have played out.

As a mental health nurse working with young people, and a member of the LGBTQ community, but more importantly as a human, I feel that the hypocrisy of our times needs calling out.

We (as a society) like to give ourselves a pat on the back for being progressive, but too often look away when it’s time to stand up and fight for those values in a true sense. The double standards are still firmly in place. A system that favours certain people is still firmly in place.

And when we push against that system, the backlash is still very much there.


Have a voice, stand up and be proud
Freedom of speech but don’t be too loud

Always be yourself, not too thin or too fat
Express who you are—but no, not like that

You should be comfortable in your own skin
Yes, you’re different but can’t you just fit in

Race, gender, and sex, we’re all the same
So what, you’re queer, but aren’t you ashamed

People think society has come so far
Yet many take their life instead of admit who they are

We got rid of slavery, aren’t you folks glad
Can’t possibly understand why you’re all still mad

Love is accepted, rainbows in June
But let them adopt kids—no, that’s too soon

Clear up your rubbish, think of the pollution
Don’t cause a fuss though, you’ll start a revolution

Be whoever you like, but remember to censor
Absorb the mainstream media, your opinion dispenser

So have a voice, stand up and be proud
Freedom of speech—hands up and get on the ground


Watch an anti-racism hour with Jane Elliott talking with Waylon Lewis of Elephant, here.


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