June 25, 2020

How we can Embody our Logical & Intuitive Energy.


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Living a life that is both pragmatic and intuitive may seem like a contradiction. 

Often, there are misconceptions about being a person who utilizes pragmatic versus intuitive behavior. Some of these false opinions traditionally say that those who are pragmatic lack creativity, while those who are intuitive ignore thought-processing. 

I’m here to tell you that these perceived thoughts are not necessarily true. Not only can pragmatic individuals have unique ideas, but those who are intuitive can think rationally. In fact, when someone practices both pragmatic and intuitive behaviors in their life, it’s bound to result in an abundance of positive outcomes. But, it takes time, practice, and continued learning. 

However, it is still a skill that everyone can partake in. You may be surprised to learn that even if you identify as either left-brained (pragmatic) or right-brained (intuitive), you have the power to unlock both sides. The only thing holding you back is yourself. 

Below are ways to implement both pragmatic and intuitive behavior in your personal and professional life: 

1. With Relationships

Whether you’re talking about family, friends, or intimate relationships, you’re likely approaching each interaction with either a pragmatic or intuitive mindset. If intuition-based, you’re going primarily off of your senses in that relationship. This could be reading how they’re feeling or sensing that something in the dynamic has changed. 

If you’re someone who is more pragmatic, your interaction is based more on your experiences with that person. Or, you may draw from similar experiences with others to navigate this relationship. While you’re able to form and maintain healthy relationships using either approach, there’s a way to interweave both and strengthen your relationships.

For Intuitive-Minded People

>> Listen: When focusing on your instincts, you may be missing a key component in what a loved one is saying. While keeping your thoughts in the back of your mind, try analyzing what those around you say in order to help your mind better process their situation or your relationship.

>> Learn: Whether from books on emotional intelligence or from those around you, provide your intuition with research to help maintain your relationship dynamics. 

For Pragmatic-Minded People

>> Pay attention to physical clues: Everyone has instinctive feelings (some call it a gut feeling). When around friends or loved ones, pay attention to your body as well as theirs.

>> Details in silence: When no one is speaking, try reading the energy in a room. Oftentimes, you’ll find that truths are revealed when there is silence—that’s your intuitive nature coming through. 

2. In Business

Between navigating coworkers and monitoring your personal success, business ethics and mental awareness play a huge part in your professional growth. 

While intuitive thinkers are known for the grand ideas, pragmatic thinkers keep tight timelines of schedule. There’s nothing wrong with having both doors open for you in your business or professional life. 

For Intuitive-Minded People

>> Navigate processes: Process and applications are often in place for a reason. By analyzing a step-by-step procedure (while still tapping into your intuitive insights), you may be surprised to see how productive you become.

>> Think of logistics: Just like a process, think of how the big-oiled-machine of your business (or the one you work for) runs. By taking your intuitive thoughts and learning about how the logistics work (departments and budgets), it may be easier to put the puzzle together—to generate wealth, stability, and overall success. 

For Pragmatic-Minded People

>> Think outside the box: Whether it’s participating in a meeting (outside of your normal job description), listen to your gut about ways to explore your professional setting. Ask opinions and see how your body reacts.

>> Practice creativity in the workplace: HR often puts together resources to help their employees grow. This may differ from your day-to-day job—try to take advantage of these opportunities. This may allow you to infuse intuitive thought into your workflow. 

3. For Yourself

How we approach all situations directly impacts our personal lives in mind, body, and spirit. As it relates to pragmatic and intuitive behaviors, our relationship with ourselves can follow these as well. From measuring feelings, personal growth, and well-being, it’s essential to try and take a multifaceted approach, so it is guaranteed that you’re providing yourself with enough grace and love. 

For Intuitive-Minded People

>> Track your progress: You may have your mind on bold goals in the long term. By taking pen to paper, jot down your goals, and track how you’re going to get there. Start breaking these big 30,000 foot goals into action steps.

>> Seek expert advice: Just like navigating the relationships in our life, it’s sometimes beneficial to seek professional advice about our personal development. Life coaches are a great resource to take free-spirit thoughts and turn them into actionable steps. 

For Pragmatic-Minded People

>> Expand your comfort zone: There’s nothing wrong with a routine, but there’s nothing wrong with breaking the routine. Whether trying out a new workout class or picking up a new hobby, give your mind new ways of seeing the world you live in.

>> Begin journaling: You may be way more intuitive than you realize. By putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper, you may be surprised to learn you had ideas that failed to surface themselves. 

There are so many wonderful components to our personality that make us act, think, and believe certain things. Within each of us, there’s a way to embody the intuitive energies exposed to us, all while following thought processes that make our daily schedules run smoothly. To master both of these is truly an art and a talent, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll take the world by storm!

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