June 17, 2020

If your Period could Talk, This is What she Would Say.


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Hey girl,

I know you and I haven’t always been on the same page, so I’m writing to break the ice. I’m hoping we can build a friendship—maybe even something more.

I’m a cyclical activity inside your body. I’m a supernatural gift from the universe that you claim gives you a headache and other kinds of bad things. I swear I didn’t come here to do any harm.

I am only here to support you in embracing your natural feminine powers!

You see, I am a part of you. Just like your mind gives you ideas, your heart allows you to feel love, and your legs help you walk, I too have a purpose. I, too, can feel your feelings and can give you an extraordinary experience in your life.

Would you care to learn why?

For so long, I’ve been undermined, stuffed down, and bullied. I’ve been named after evil witches, poisonous waters, and infected garments.

How can you hear me when you’ve been judging me for so long?

Who taught you to treat me with such utter disgust?

If you’re ready to hear the secrets of why I’m here—to open your mind and tap into the deep powers within you as a female—I will tell you.

Please listen with kindness. Be gentle with me. I am a part of you, and I am wretched with grief after the years of torment.

I believe you are ready, so let’s begin.

First off, I would like to personally apologize for all the pain and suffering you’ve endured because of me. I promise this is not my intention, but I have it in my heart that you deserve an acknowledgment—to feel seen and heard, and to heal.

My main function is to create another human inside of you. But, what if this isn’t the only reason why?

Every single month I wait to be fertilized for a potential human creation. Even if that sperm doesn’t make it for one reason or another, I still travel down the fallopian tube every month. I reintegrate within the walls of the uterus and then let go of the parts that we do not need any longer out of the most potent part of a women’s body, our womb.

Each month is a cycle, a season. A taking in and letting go. Just like the tides. Just like the moon.

When you are ovulating, you are your best, most outgoing self. You feel extra attractive, like you’re superwomen, with powers for anything you want in life. Not just for a baby (wink).

In the luteal phase, even if we’ve created a baby or not, I still like to tie up loose ends and prepare the nest. I know you may feel sad or confronted at this time, but this is because you are resisting what you know deep down. You are not fulfilling your path.

And when it’s time for me to let go and clean out your inner power center, the womb, I am only letting go of what we don’t need. If you have doubts, anxiety, fears, and parts of your body are in pain, I am only trying to get you to see me. Trying to get you to let go and stop hoarding the pain.

And when it’s time to renew ourselves again during the follicular phase, I hope you embrace us together and plant the seeds of new ideas, projects, or anything you like. This, for sure, will give us a better relationship and give you the extraordinary life that you deserve.

So as you can see, I hope, I’m here for you. I’ve laid out the ground structure to support you in your life. Use me, let me in. Please. I hope you will be kinder to me from now on. Listen to the pain so you can let it go. Rise in your power and fulfill your true journey—the path which is destined to be.

Love always, your period.

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