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June 17, 2020

The #1 Secret to Find More Fulfillment As A Modern Successful Woman

We are beautiful yet complex creatures. Modern women who are independent and successful. Although the external looks perfect and the list of qualities are on point.. there is still that deeper void. Somethings missing..


The problem is that many of us were never taught to embrace what makes us unique and divine. There is a deeper feeling of Sovereignty that hasn’t yet emerged.


There’s a deep void that you can’t even articulate and a wave of emotions that can be hard to process without the proper guidance and may end up leaving you more confused as you attempt to understand yourself with very limited wisdom. That constant external search only deepens the feeling of loss.


What many women don’t know is that buried deep within you is a vessel of high voltage magic capable of power that you never even knew existed.


When it awakened in me, my entire life changed!


I didn’t have to follow the crowd to feel good enough anymore. I found my own uniqueness, I started trusting myself and that deep inner knowing that I would always be worthy began to emerge.


When I healed myself, I downloaded the language of the universal cosmic goddess to understand myself deeper than I ever did before. THAT was what I was missing. The fulfillment I was seeking wasn’t in the success or money.. I was looking for ME. And I found that through my Feminine Sovereignty.


Many of the programs I came across seemed to lack the depth and universal cosmic understanding of the feminine. They tend to keep you dancing on the surface but never actually healing anything on a deeper level.


But what I created and discovered took me from intellectualized information to embodied sacred power. And allowed myself to dive deeper and discover MORE of me that I never even knew existed!


I was able to see clearer than I ever have before and although my main focus wasn’t to “get a man”, I notice this new magnetic energy begin calling them in any way very effortlessly, without having to do a thing. (those higher quality masculine men are enchanted by the radiance you’ll exude just being connected to yourself – that’s the secret to feminine allure!)


When I finally understood the alchemy of Feminine Sovereignty (beyond the surface things you tend to see everywhere) it restored a deeper sense of honor about what it is to be a woman. Dissolving my past hurts and wounds led to more empowerment and it was the key to the fulfillment that I had been missing.


It was a journey of mind, body and spirit, liberating myself from what was and reigniting me to who I was always meant to be and I am honored to share my wisdom to the other women on this path.


How has your journey been discovering your Feminine Energy? Where are you still stuck and are you willing to take that next step to elevate into your next level of Consciousness?


Ashley Muse

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