June 20, 2020

What if We have it All Wrong?


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What if we’re the virus, and the virus is the immune system of the planet ridding itself of us?

We’ve been wreaking havoc on our ecosystem, pretending to be oblivious to the impact of our actions, all while ignoring science and Greta Thunberg. She is just one more example of our mistreatment of the feminine. If suppression doesn’t work, we deny her. She is the collective shadow that now covers us.

We’re reaping the rewards of our ignorance.

We can’t collectively seem to get our heads around the simple truth that we aren’t separate from the nature we’ve been destroying—it is us.

While as individuals we appear to be separate, we’re not. We are all part of a single organism. We are cells of a single body, containing the whole within each of us.

The good news is that if we accept responsibility for causing this, we can correct it. We’ve been given a chance here.

So what are you going to do?

It’s going to take a major shift in our collective thinking. That’s why it needs to be so f*cking hard right now. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t learn.

If we woke up tomorrow and the threat had somehow miraculously passed, we would in no time convince ourselves that it wasn’t as serious as it is, and things would go back to the way they were. And that would be an even greater tragedy, because the way things had been genuinely sucked for far too many people in this world.

If we were to change our view of love and kindness, from being a nice idea to a critical and insistent one, can you imagine how radical that would be? “Motherf*cker, I’m going to love you into submission.” We would all be thriving. No one would pose a threat to you and no one would be threatened by you.

Though we appear to be separate, we are not.

If we all would keep that in mind whenever we interact with one another, maybe one day before too long, we will have earned the right to touch each other again without fear.

We’re being given the chance to redeem ourselves by knowing the truth of what we are—billions of little Gods wandering the planet in search of their home when, just like Dorothy, we’re already there.

The feminine as embodied by both men and women has had to carry the weight of our ignorance and keep silent to survive, flying its wisdom under the radar. This has cost us dearly.

We need to adopt a global consciousness. But it means we all have to make a shift individually. We can’t be doing this while being pulled along by the crowd; we each need to understand what’s at stake here. Now’s not the time for egos.

It’s not the planet we’re saving—the planet will be just fine. Once we’re extinct she will heal herself. It’s us we’re saving.

Here’s the shift:

>> Whenever we do something—and I know that’s very broad, but I mean anything and everything, we need to ask ourselves what the impact will be on the whole. Are we contributing to greenhouse gases, or animal suffering, or the oppression of anyone?

As far as that last bit, because of the world we were born into, we’ve ended up being our own oppressors. That is, when we aren’t helping our oppressors to oppress our own selves, there are plenty of others to step in and take over if we need to take a break from beating ourselves into submission.

>> We would be wise to stop it now. Respect and honor the feminine in all of her forms. Then maybe, if we behave ourselves, she’ll let us hang around her planet a while longer.

Because, while we appear to be separate, we’re not.

We are all part of a single organism. And that is life.


For some more inspiration: Beyoncé’s Surprise New Song “Black Parade” is the Revolution Anthem we need Right Now. {Music video}


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