June 15, 2020

We don’t always See it, but We are Essence & Truth. {Poem}

What we see

Is not always

what we get.

What we want to


is not always

what’s there.

We obscure the truth

in many ways.

We are afraid

to have limitation

of one answer.

There are many.

An infinite number

of options.

Maybe not just one.

No right or wrong

way to choose.

Just lessons

to be learned,

growth to be witnessed,


of self to be found.

Some say

being spiritual is a choice.

Perhaps so.

But maybe spiritual

is the default,

even if unnamed


We are of the essence

of spirit,

How could we not

be spiritual?

We are essence first,

form second.

A shifting lens

to see the truth.

We don’t always

see it in ourselves,

let alone

in others.

But when we do,

it is pure magic,

love untethered,

beauty unmasked,

soul stretched far

and wide,

inside and outside

all things.

We are all things

and no things.

Formless form

of shapes.

May we see it,

may we call it home.

May we call

ourselves home

to it each time

we misstep into

deepening our journey.

Because perhaps

the missteps are steps

needed to see

another view;

another way

we may not

have seen otherwise.


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