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June 17, 2020

Where Do Trust Issues Really Come From? (It’s Not What You Think)

When you say that you don’t trust other people, what you are really saying is that you don’t trust yourself


Here’s the story of a woman who struggled with trust issues. Let’s call her Maya.


The thought of having anyone close to her was revolting and she would feel her body contract.


When we spoke the other day she was experiencing some discomfort with the thought of getting herself back into the dating world. She said, “I am afraid of losing myself in other people”


I walked her through my signature Soul Awakening healing method. It is designed to really see the truth of how you feel and what might be lingering underneath your patterns to not only have awareness but to dissolve the pattern for good.


One aspect to your Feminine Sovereignty is all about radical honesty with your feelings and embracing those uncomfortable belief systems that are buried deep within you.


As we walked through the process what was discovered is that it wasn’t other people she didn’t trust. It was that she didn’t trust herself.


In her past experiences:

Her boundaries were very leaky

She allowed others to bulldoze over her feelings

She avoided confrontational conversations

She was a chronic people pleaser, always putting others need above her own


She allowed herself to be walked over for so long.. so if you have betrayed yourself in these ways for years then of course you will feel no trust for yourself.


The constant self abandonment will erode your self esteem. This deep pain you feel for yourself then gets projected onto others, making you think it’s them that aren’t to be trusted but it’s really YOU that you don’t trust to stay grounded in who you are when dealing with other people.


We traced this pattern back to childhood with her father. Where she felt like she had no right to have a voice with him. He constantly told her who she should be and the belief formed was “I am not allowed to have an identity outside of other people”


We took the information discovered into an inner child meditation allowing her to transmute the memories & beliefs in her system and we ended this session coming up with ways to maintain her identity with others so that she no longer loses herself


Rewiring her patterns will take time and she will also need to continue awakening her inner masculine so that force of warrior strength gives her the ability to maintain this new awareness. But she has all the tools she needs to navigate that within my online program.


She now feels excited to date again because she fully trusts herself. There is nothing to fear when you know that you always have your back no matter what.


The secret to maintaining your sense of self and calling in people who respect you for who you are is to make sure you are actually allowing the real you to be seen ?


Ashley Muse

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