July 19, 2020

You are Art; You are not meant to be Understood by Everyone.

Possibly one of the easiest ways to learn about ourselves is from another human being.

How often have we seen people “copying” others’ qualities, attitudes, or the way they perform or handle things in life out of admiration? It’s a normal human tendency. We often do this with our friends, family members, or others that we know.

But why limit ourselves to “imitating” just the people we know?

There is an abundance of knowledge and answers to questions out there on the internet, and if you put in the effort to dig enough, you can gather some big answers.

Learning to better ourselves is about more than “copying” others or blindly following the lead of others. It’s about going after something. It is about knowing, understanding, and applying the “successful” formula we see in others’ lives to our own in an effort of self-craftmanship.

Yes, the real magic lies in knowing ourselves well enough that we can dig for the change we want for the authentic betterment of ourselves without becoming artificial.

If we straight-forwardly copy, it is just the replica of someone else’s masterpiece and we can’t really own any pride in our work. But if we come to understand the techniques that were used to create that masterpiece, and then use that foundation to modify our canvas, we create something new. Instead of a fraudulent version of someone else, we become a work after them wherein the art of who we are takes on a meaning of its own.

Being a copy might suffice for as long as those traits we’ve duplicated are in fashion, but being more authentic is timeless.

Crafting the art of who our personalities are requires the evolution of our inner being. We mustn’t try to involve ourselves in everything or answer to idealism. Art is created, in fact, when the artist sees and interprets something through their own eyes, hearts, and minds. And this is pure magic. We continue to use nature and its concepts, its givings, its creations, its details, its linings, its dimensions, and more for the artistic interpretation of mankind.

So why not apply the concept of art to our own nature—the betterment of ourselves? Why not explore, question, examine the details of ourselves and others to the same degree that we artistically explore nature?

Be an artist of yourself and paint the strokes the way you desire. Smudge the differences to create a contrast as clear as you want. Read and write on the taboo subjects that you question. Be creative in how you display your blemishes amidst the lightened shades of a new blooming you. Let your insecurities dance to the rhythm of being unknown, and tap on the beats of being found.

The questions you carry in doubt of yourself are meant to be answered by you. They are not meant for the interpretation of someone else’s perspective or the direct application of someone else’s ideas or life hacks.

Along the same lines of Picasso, I say a work of art is not meant to be understood by everyone.

You are an art. Play the role of an artist and redefine the things not commonly seen. You are nature; nurture yourself by exploring the glorious mess that you are.

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Read 15 comments and reply

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