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July 19, 2020

Coronavirus Disease is Public Health

Coronavirus is new disease around the world.  It was discovered on end of 2019 in Asia.  Their studied advice local residents to stay home guidelines of social distance to prevent disease outbreak to others.

On early February, 2020.  It was started  outbreaks in UK, Europe, US, and around the world.  Worldwide were learned their guidelines and experiences.  Why does virus is at risk?  Any vaccine is yet success to prevent this virus and future?  If anyone was watched related news of Coronavirus, you would knew the timelines.  The outbreak might be from tourist, or foreign students in different places. .

Ponder Coronavirus Questions of Public Health Care and Safety.

Anyone tested positive of Coronavirus, they must be self isolated for 14 days.  Are they fully recovered after 14 days of self-isolation?  Why those people need to be isolated?  Cause they had symptom system?  Or they had entire breath symptom problems of Hearts, or Lungs condition? If Lungs are under negative pressure or struggle to breathe, which is a difficult and painful.

The virus is not only happen to elderlies, it can be any age.  Lots of people died during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Are those people died for Coronavirus Disease?  Or they were inflected by Coronavirus for their Health Condition Issue. Therefore, they couldn’t survived of low Immune System at this time.  People are at high risk of health condition or low Immune System, they might have another infectious disease, not even Coronavirus disease.

Why some of countries had higher numbers of Coronavirus and some had lower numbers?  Check on the map of different countries or cultures who died for Coronavirus Disease, it could be some other health conditions.  The environment sanitations is another part of issue for some of poorly condition countries.  Is it public healthcare concern for local communities or local government?

When I was bike ride at riversides last month June.  There’s stinks smell in the riverside area, the water looked not clean during pandemic, it should be clean at this time of lockdown.  Why?  Is it germ, bacteria, or water couldn’t flow out to elsewhere?

Different cultural and lifestyle of habits are influence personal health.  Does personal hygiene is important for healthcare?  How about raw meats, or uncooked well food, that’s affects of digestive or grow bacteria?  Germ and bacteria are hidden in everywhere, we don’t see it, and it is growing fast and harmful for health.  Germs can be in kitchen sink, bathroom, bathtub and around our home area.

There was several transmission diseases were infection person to person in past history records.

For Examples:

  1. Leprosy is an infectious diseases and discovered in early century.  It was fear and dangerous disease.  The skins was sticked on clothes.    Images  it.  I think no one like to get closer to Leprosy patients.  How about the “hygiene, and water”at that times?  Didn’t know, how many people were died during that difficulty and challenged time.  It was out of medical, medical equipments, and foods all these in the poorly condition in past life.  It’s comparable the past to nowadays.  Foods are nutrition to keep our physical healthy. 
  2. Hepatitis-B is global disease too.  The various types as A, B, C, D, and E. five different cases.  It same as Coronavirus has different various types of new cases.  HEP-B is inflection to Lungs, and Liver.  It is breath problems and the virus is transmission person to person too.  It’s hidden illness, and transmitted through blood or blood transfusions.  If pregnant woman has HEP-B, the virus would be transmit to the unborn baby.

Both diseases were inflammation, it was discovered for long in the past life.  It was surface antigen.  There are more diseases in the past history.

Diseases can be happen in any where at anytime. People were diseases die in past history. It seems, there’s growing another new diseases of each cycle. As lots of people died for Flu each year, there’s actually unknown, how many people had been died for flu season around the worldwide too.

Nowadays, we are living the time of Coronavirus Disease.  Isn’t it the public healthcare and safety are each one of us responsibility to self protect and others to keep our communities healthy?  Why Does it matter to our daily life?

Every disease is typically challenge study for medical or researchers, not even COVID-19.  I believe no one likes to has any disease or get sick from Coronavirus.  Does anyone has any knowledge of new disease’s outbreak around global?  Especially it is new virus infectious person to person again.   Illness-Causing Virus and Bacteria.  

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