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July 30, 2020


Recently I have become aware of how many voices are running through my mind and realizing that none of those are my own. My own true voice and knowing is lost. It becomes really difficult to live successfully when my knowing and true self is lost.

I feel this great disconnect within my self. Theres this feeling that there is something more and something greater that I can be and do. Diving into this uncomfortable feeling of disconnect I began reading and researching others who have been through this experience that can offer me guidance.

What I discovered is that we all have a knowing, a conscious, a voice that is within us. We are born understanding our selves but we are taught not trust that instinct. We are condition to second guess that little knowing voice within our selves. This breeds people who are lost and always turning to the community around them to know what to do with our time, lives, career, money, and relationships. Every action we take begins to be birthed from a notion of other people. How crazy is this? How in control are we?

For some, the flow of what people tell you to do works. For some they do not feel that deep itch within them selves that this does not feel right. For me, it is driving me insane. It makes me want to run away, find and island and just start over.

I have always listened closely to my self and trusted my gut but over the years I adapted to shoving that knowing down. I have drowned my feelings and thoughts with outside comments. This journey of relearning to trust my self and dive into the knowing is going to be difficult and I am not even sure of how to approach it but I am ready. The knowing lives within all of us, it is time to let the knowing in and follow your self.

One book that has helped me understand my knowing more is, Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

Maybe give it a read. Maybe begin to learn more about your self. Everything you need is within our selves. Trust it.


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