July 10, 2020

The Dog Days of COVID: Surrendering to a Pandemic Summer.

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The aim is to be respectful and smart and safe.

I miss the outdoors and, yeah, the colours of my city, Mumbai. But I am doing my part to keep our community safe, and only going out for reasons unavoidable. Of course, with the mandatory face mask on.

I miss the smell of overworked fuel on the road, walking past people stretched on the packed pathways, and giving people way to go first, the honking of cars, the courier boys, the maids sitting around, exchanging greetings with fellow morning walkers, beautiful boys and girls in their playwear, nannies with little ones under the shades of trees, and meditation seekers sitting in the grass letting the sun warm their face.

For now, I believe deep breaths and open windows will give me a boost.

I’ve made a habit of scrolling through my Instagram profile every night, thinking about how bizarre it is that I was standing near my friends whenever I wanted to only a couple of months ago. It already feels impossible that I used to enter restaurants with abandon, drink a margarita with friends, read a book, and eat whatever iteration of potato the menu is serving, on the days I went on solo dates.

Someday, I will probably once again tell a friend a secret over a third glass of wine—in person, not over the phone. It is something I have done with a friend several times, without really planning to, but now nostalgia is making me want to do it on purpose.

I daydream about the next manicure, pedicure, and all those pampering treatments.

Maybe, I would like to stay at home on my bed and write notes all day, but when I have to do it, it is not fun anymore. I lost the feeling that I am the one who decides where and when I want to be.

I miss that freedom and am thinking of the day I can do my travels again. Yes, destinations with sea views, warm morning sun, and magnificent sunsets.

And that is why this summer is going to be the summer of my life. I will enjoy it more than ever. Every minute of every day. Because I feel it’s going to be real soon.

Perhaps my wishes are not cancelled, only postponed.

That classic glass of wine is waiting for me, with my name on it, in some jazzy restaurant.

Will meet soon.

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