July 29, 2020

How the Full “Sturgeon” Moon could Impact our Love Life. {August 3rd}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

On August 3rd, the sun will be in prideful Leo shining its beautiful light upon the moon in mystical Aquarius and creating quite an energetically intense experience.

When it comes to energy readings for full moons, I feel it’s important to touch upon the positive or light attributes for the sun sign and the shadowy or dark attributes of the moon sign. Metaphorically speaking, the darkness of the moon is illuminated by the sun, which can bring forth characteristics or traits that might otherwise be kept hidden within us.

The energies of this full moon might leave a lot of people feeling as though they want to experience some independence when it comes to love and relationships.

The shadow aspect of Aquarius can sometimes present as being cold and aloof, so expect this to be highlighted by the gregarious energy of Leo, who is known to rule the heart. Aquarius is an Air sign and Leo is a fire sign, which means these energies have the potential to create conflict, so it is important to take time out to re-group and determine where we might be able to compromise in relationship instead of staying in the energy of stubbornness.

On the opposite end of that, there may be challenges within our romantic partnerships to remain in our authenticity, as a shadow aspect for Aquarius can sometimes present as suppression of individuality, while Leo just wants to make everyone happy. At times, Leo energy can be more dominant (after all, Leo is ruled by the lion), while Aquarius can be more malleable. Be careful not to overly compromise and abandon yourself in favor of loving someone else or lose yourself in the process of attaining the love of another, as this can lead to resentment in the long run.

Any internal opposition we might be feeling in regards to our love life could also be heightened during this time as both Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius. Saturn tends to fear change and is known as the planet of tradition, while Uranus is more progressive and forward thinking. With the Leo sun shining bright here, we might find ourselves re-evaluating our present circumstances when it comes to love and relationship. There could be a strong desire for us to remain in situations due to fear of change, but that could also be countered by a deep desire to break free and pave a new path.

It is important to note that Leo is a leader, so your life might take some unexpected turns toward what feels more authentic to you. Don’t fear it; instead embrace the courage and strength of the lion and move in the direction of your heart.

If we find ourselves single during this time, it is a perfect opportunity to start shining the metaphorical spotlight on places within our heart that might feel closed off. Leo is a sign that loves to love, and as the sun shines brightly on this shadow of Aquarius, we can use this opportunity to start releasing old hurts and wounds and learning to love ourselves for what makes each of us unique. Forgiveness is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves, and it will open the door to something much better suited to us in the long run.

The full moon could also be a good time to get to know ourselves a bit better and tune into the places within us that feel conflicted when it comes to love. Are there old stories around heartbreak that we’re willing to let go of at this time or are we stubbornly refusing to move on from past experiences? Though it can feel scary to remain openhearted after we have been hurt, it is important to remember that love cannot find its way to us if we are closed off or expect things to end badly. See if you can use this energy of innovative thinking to create a new story about what you tell yourself around love and then forge a new path that feels authentic and satisfying to you.

All in all, this moon might be encouraging a lot of us to take a time-out, to spend some time alone, and to get clear on our best course of action based on our individual wants and desires. It would seem we are being encouraged to find the balance between remaining in our authenticity while keeping our hearts open to the love within and around us.

Leo is a leader, while Aquarius is known for its individualism. Where can you release the limitations you have around what is possible for you in life and in love?

Happy Full Moon!


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