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July 17, 2020

I am where I am and that’s ok!

I am where I am and that’s ok.

Manifesting is all about allowing and being in the flow of the good you desire. It requires that you accept how circumstances in your life are unfolding, rather than resisting them and desperately wanting things to be different.

Not easy to do at first since we were conditioned to react to everything happening in our life, but with a little daily practice of acceptance and understanding, you can learn to be at peace and in the flow with your life.

So where does resistance come from?

It comes when you want things to be a certain way and your outcome is different from what you want.

Like maybe you…

want your relationship to work out and it doesn’t,

want your business to succeed and it doesn’t,

want a promotion at work and you don’t get it,

want millions in your bank account now and you don’t,

Whatever it is for you, when your attachment to things going your way becomes too strong, you open yourself to suffering.

Too much pressure on the concepts you have about how things “should be” creates an energetic war within you and blocks your manifestations.

Instead, practice acceptance.

Accept that whatever is happening this moment is simply what is happening, rather than resisting it and desperately wanting things to be different.

Let life unfold, you won’t always understand the reasons behind what’s happening.

Trust that there are dynamic forces that you and I can’t see that are at work and everything is playing out as part of life’s perfect curriculum for you.

Know that this moment is not permanent, and that frame by frame, your life is reshaping itself to the way you picture it to be.

Stop being at war with your life and yourself.

You are where you are and that’s ok!

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