July 4, 2020

Reflections on Love after the Death of a Friend.

On the last day of June last year, a friend of mine died.

Even though we all knew it was a possibility with his chosen career, it came as a shock. He was young and vibrant, incredibly sweet and humble.

Although I have experienced loss before, his death sent me spiraling into darkness. I have learned that in darkness it is easiest to see light. While we await the return of daylight, I offer this argument of hope.


If we can figure out how to tap into the power of love in every action we do and somehow trigger others to do the same, the sun will once again rise. I know this sounds cliché, but listen to my argument.

Love is Light.

It both elevates and enlightens. Feeling lighter than air, walking on clouds is often how being in love is described. For in love, we become weightless in the mundane tasks of everyday life. Life takes on a different meaning when love is present. Preparing for the arrival of someone we love, cooking and cleaning, is no longer a chore but a welcomed ritual where details are sought out and coddled. Whatever the tasks, when love is present, they seem far less daunting and we become lighter in our efforts to complete them.

Love is Enlightenment.

The feeling of immense connection from mother to child is an indescribable realization of what really matters. From one moment to the next, everything changes. Love enlightens the heart, the soul, and the body to know instinctively what needs to be done. There is no longer thought analysis, it happens naturally and effortlessly.

Love is Energy.

It can fill you instantaneously. Even a battery needs time to charge, but the idea of suddenly being around someone you love sparks an immediate surge within, filling you with strength and vitality with only a moment’s notice. And just as easily, love can drain us, shedding the armor and bringing to knees even the most ferocious of warriors.

Love is Master of Time.

The passage of time seemingly speeds and slows, but seldom is it held to the metronome. Imagine if you will the florescent lights, white walls, and bored faces at the DMV, one of the last places anyone would choose to hang out. But now, picture you being there with the one person who pulls your heartstrings, sitting quietly in a corner, awaiting your turn, with nothing to do except talk face-to-face. Time will pass at light speed. And in the absence of Love, time seems to slow down, changing the life-camera from movie to still.

Love is not bound by Space.

Regardless of the physical distance, Love does not falter or change. We don’t need to be in the presence of the one we love to know our love is true. Most of us know that Love is more real than anything we can see, touch, or hear. And Love does not die. Even when the vessel that holds the soul is no longer bound by gravity.

Therefore, being the master of light, time, space, and energy, being impossible to harness or destroy, and limitless in its nature, Love is truly and unequivocally the most powerful Universal Force.

Sit with that for just a moment.

I know we all love. But to look at love as a Force, a Universal Force, that every single one of us possesses, is the answer to our darkness. Of course, how, I cannot say. The more I learn, the more questions I have, but I do know that my argument is sound.

Thank you, Carlin Dunne, for inspiring me to look at something I took for granted in a whole new light.


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