July 20, 2020

How to Open & Unblock the Throat Chakra (& 9 Crystals that Help).

Speak your truth, because living a lie doesn’t change reality.

Because keeping your truth inside doesn’t serve you.

It starts a war inside of you. It festers and poisons you.

Speak your truth, because it’s what makes you you. I’m talking about honesty, authenticity.

Your life. Your experiences. Your standards. Your expectations. Your needs. Your desires. Your passions. Your beliefs. Your feelings.

Speak your truth so the people around you know who they are really dealing with. You’re not doing anyone any favors faking the reality you invite them into.

Speak your truth because you are worthy of being heard.

Speak your truth so you can find your tribe.

Why are you pretending to be someone else? Why are you keeping it stuffed inside and letting it burn you alive? Why are you dragging others down with you? Shame? Guilt? Fear?

One thing I’ve never been able to do is keep my mouth shut.

Or, so I thought, until I realized that when I speak truth, I speak cautiously.

So, really, I get it. I get keeping things secret to protect others. I understand censoring yourself to protect yourself. I’m not just preaching; I’ve lived it.

But who does that serve? Certainly not you. And no one has to live with “it” or you as deeply as you do.

You are given one life. Live it out loud. This doesn’t mean that you need to post every thought you have on Facebook or share with the public parts of yourself that you’d rather not (although, for me, it helps!).

This simply means, be honest. Be pure. Be you. Communicate with those around you, and honour the truth that resides within you.

Open that throat chakra—the energy field in your body that governs your ability to speak your truth and to speak it with purity. It’s the link between your heart and your mind.

If you’re a bit hippie-dippie and witchy—like me—or open to explore, crystals and meditations are believed to help you with this ability. YouTube has an abundance of chakra energy cleansing and opening meditations to guide you. You could also seek out Reiki healing.

A few ways to use crystals for opening the throat chakra include:

>> Wearing them around your neck.
>> Sleeping with one beside your bed or under your pillow.
>> Placing one on your throat chakra (located in the throat region and at the top of the spine).
>> Holding them in your hands while you meditate on speaking your truth and releasing the bad vibes associated with communication.
>> Placing them around your home or office.

Which stones are best for the throat chakra?

1. Aquamarine (Stone of Courage)
2. Angelite (Stone of Awareness)
3. Lapis Lazuli (Stone of Friendship, Truth, and Total Awareness)
4. Blue Lace Agate (Stone of Articulation)
5. Blue Kyanite (High Vibration Stone)
6. Blue Apatite (Stone for Personal Power)
7. Turquoise (Stone of Communication)
8. Sodalite (Harmonising Stone)
9. Azurite (Stone of Heaven)

Remember: The only thing you’ll lose by being your raw and honest self is what’s not meant for you.

And what will you gain?


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Read 4 comments and reply

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